[Track Of The Day: Friends “Friend Crush”]

  Perpetuating the currently-developing theme this week of “New York bands what make us feel proper summery-like” (we don’t actually have a theme, but three in a row MEANS something), we came across a neat 5-membered troupe called Friends. We can assume with some degree of certainty that these dudes get along with one another … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: High Highs “Open Season”]

We’re writing this whilst watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (which is DEFINITELY NOT SHITE and a bit like The Loveboat but in space and way cooler) on a massive 60-inch-fuck-off-3D telly. Suffice to say this is the most comfortable and content we have been all week. With any luck, and synchronous … Continue reading

[Introducing…Sensual Harassment]

It’s not easy to mix the indie-rock music with tech-disco beats. Many brave men have died trying to create the perfect hybrid from the genres, often resulting in a scene similar to that in Alien: Resurrection when fucked-up clones of Ripley are pratting about in the lab. The key is not to end up like … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Frankie & The Heartstrings “Hunger”]

Not much in the way of newy-newness a la bands today – at least, not much that’s got us throwing horns/yelling “fuck-yay”/dancing in the moonlight/asking who has got the keys to our bimmas. That doesn’t mean we’re lazy or anything, just elitist as any music critic should be. What we do have is a rather … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Bebe Black “I’ll Wait”]

  We’re feeling a bit emo here today at KMHQ. We’re still feeling a bit funky after this weekend’s antics (involving a moonlighting session at the glamourous Dolphin pub in Hackney, and/or a large meat and chips), the weather’s crap, and generally there’s a cloud of gloom-a-loomin’. However, after catching sight and sound of Bebe … Continue reading

[Good Shit: Young Buffalo Cover Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”]

Killing Moon formed a quasi-appreciation for Fleetwood Mac only a couple of years ago. A time-lag in the development of this appreciation can be nailed down to the fact that one of us may or may not have walked in on their parents attempting to make another baby at the tender age of five to … Continue reading

[Interview: Arcane Roots]

We first learned of Kingston’s new hardcore heroes Arcane Roots last November at a Tellison show in Camden, when a Killing Moon buddy had a damn-near fit explaining exactly how brilliant these dudes were. The buddy was not wrong, and after hearing the bands’  metalled-up At The Drive In-esque and anthemic-yet-weird-time-signatured guitar driven erruptions on … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Rewards “I Used To”]

Rewards, who we understand to be one Aaron Pfenning, is also co-responsible for one Chairlift, who you may well have heard of. This being his latest musical project, it’s incredibly easy to draw up instant sonic comparisons between the two. To us it is that blend of New York chillwave which the indie crowd lap … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Gem & The Deadheads “Velvet”]

After somewhat of a false start in the middle of 2010, Gem & The Deadheads have arrived on the music scene and they’ve brought their laddish swagger and cans of lager with them. The band played a number of low-key regional shows around this time and have been touted by a few as the best … Continue reading

[Interview: Kyla La Grange]

  Smokey-voiced and bambi-eyed Kyla La Grange has been gearing up steadily to be one of the success stories of this year for the last 18 months, from early solo acoustic shows at the Communion club night in Notting Hill, to epic full band supports with the likes of I Blame Coco at London’s Scala … Continue reading