[Track Of The Day: Rhodes “Alter”]



One week left kids. One more week of absolutely caning it. Pushing for the burn. Putting that shit into maximum overdrive just before we completely conk out. The big worry at this point is that the cycle of wintering that we’re currently in will more or less continue right through to the new year – on the arrogant presumption that the world doesn’t, like, melt or spontaneously disappear all Mayan style (don’t go, world. We like ya and we gots so much stuff to do next year) – and in all likelihood will intensify as proceedings get all a bit more yuletidey and whatnot. Calming our nerves in face of this stark dispair-tainted reality that is fast approaching is this wonderful effort from new-guy Rhodes. Admittedly, when this battered down our inbox-bastille, we initially thought this was a message from our very favourite Denmark Street-based drum shop finally caving into external pressure applied by yours truly after all these years and fulfilling our dream of basically giving us a full Yamaha Stage Custom for diddly-squat. Alas, it was not meant to be. Fortunately, the music’s pretty sweet, and more than perfect for that end-of-year-pondering mindset that we’re engrossed in right about now. Get some Fleet Foxes and Band Of Horses compacted into a shape bearing resemblence to Jake Mattison or Keaton Henson into ya heads by clapping your ears onto this cool slice of awesome.


Rhodes – Alter


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