[Track Of The Day: World Champion “Dream”]

  Well, what a week so far. Things are alright. More than alright actually; there’s a little bit of skip in our step; a bit more “go get ’em” with a bit less “nah, fuck it” in the mornings; an extra centimetre or two in the length of our smiles. But let’s shut the hell … Continue reading

[Introducing…I Dream In Colour]

  Workworkworkworkworkwork. We’ve only had two freaking days off from the grind but it might as well have been nowt at all. Not that we’re complaining or anything. An endless a task as it may seem, to bring a consistent flow of tunes to soundtrack our (and with any luck, your) lives to, it is … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Black Light Dinner Party “Older Together”]

It’s that staying-in-part of the month where we’re anxiously awaiting reciept of various funds from various people that we do various “cleaning” jobs for, in order to re-commence our lavish and faux-impressario lifestyle. Which is fine, we’ve got a lot of work to do in terms of new band reportage. Plus the football is on. … Continue reading

[Good Shit: Skies Remix Featured on Polarsets EP Release & New Demo]

  Oh HELLO. The other day, we thunk to ourselves, how could a release from one of our favourite new bands be made even better, thus increasing said favouritism? By whacking a super dooper remix by our very own, our pride and joy, our first, last and other-bits-in-between Skies, that’s what. Yes ladies and gents, … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Bluebell “Normal Heights”]

We’ve actually been waiting for a little while to blow the proverbial lid on this very exciting and bright sparkling gem. Although guttingly, a number of music sites have since beaten us to the punch. You see, we’re relatively new to the bloggerising game – we were all print or die before we realised this … Continue reading

[Introducing…The Musgraves]

  Goddamn right, its a beautiful day. Firstly, we offer up our sincere apologies for the lack of blog action over this weekend. We’ve been roadtripping it around the English countryside, predominantly along the M1, M4 and A309. Some parts business, others pleasure. Travelling with us has been the happy-go-lucky stylings of many a new … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Oh My “Run This Town”]

  “THE SUN!! THE MIGHTY RA HAS COMETH!!” is probably what the Ancient Egyptians would have thunk were they resident in London for this week (says us). But we won’t bog you down with what you (probably, unless you’re weird) already know. The fact that it is sunny has led us to believe at certain … Continue reading

[Introducing…Twin Brother]

  More often than not, and most particularly in the sunny, sunny climes we’ve been experiencing lately, we urge for the sea, the beach, and more of that sun. Quite frankly, there’s no better place to fulfil those requirements than Brighton. Whilst we haven’t actually been down in the last few days (you thought we … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Dirty Hands “It Breaks My Heart”]

FESTIVALS. Goddamn, we’re getting more and more excited with the steady and continuous influx of line up announcements, which of course prompts us to reach out to every contact we have ever made who may have the slightest connection to said festivals in order to gain entry for either gratis or as near enough as … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Strangers “In Chaos”]

We’ve been ill this week. Yep, all those relaxing weekends, involving late night chicken and/or meat and chips binges; 2 litre flourescent pink cocktail sessions at Reflex in St. Pauls (we were confused, big time);  8 hour stretches on friend’s sofas watching Stephen King’s Book Of Blood at 11am (it’s not only bloody horrible, but … Continue reading