[Track Of The Day: Rhodes “Alter”]

  One week left kids. One more week of absolutely caning it. Pushing for the burn. Putting that shit into maximum overdrive just before we completely conk out. The big worry at this point is that the cycle of wintering that we’re currently in will more or less continue right through to the new year … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: BRNS “Mexico”]

  Let it never be said that we are anything more than the sum of our collective parts. Having actually managed to grab some shut-eye last night at a decent hour – even the insidious lure of Breaking Bad, which for our many sins we have only just decided to get into about a million … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Fawn Spots “Grey Arcade”]

  Half-asleep yo. Not even due to excessive party-hardiness this time. In fact, we’ve successfully managed to not go to any festivities and/or free booze spots thus far this week. “Are you dying?”, we think we hear you ask. No, says we. Just trying to be a bit sensible. Reign it all back in. Also … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Hollow Giants “Dreams/Fears”]

  “Have you got a headache?” is the poignant question our fave-ever talk music duo Listener put to their, well, listeners in the even-more-poignant track Ozark Empire.¬†Well, the short answer to that two years after the fact is – yes. Yes, right now we have a big fucking headache. Set aside the increasing relevance of … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Au.Ra “Sun”]

  Dreamy shit is very much the name of our game today. We are seriously struggling to think straight. No, seriously you guys, we’re having trouble constructing sentences out of the most basic elements of the English language, to an extent that a four year old would most likely think us mental. People are having … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Baby Strange “Get By Me”]

  Good lord. We are staying in tonight, we tell thee. Sure, we may well have promised all and/or sundry that we’d finally have that planning meeting; we’d see that show; or sort out that catch up that we’ve been talking about for, oh, all that time. Well, to those things, to fuck they can … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Cayucas “Cayucos”]

  Our mumma has recently told us once that we need to periodically, between rounds at our seemingly-endless onslaught of festive or otherwise-celebratory merriments this month, drink water. She will probably tell us twice. However our mumma would be proud of us today as we actually took heed of this sage advice, and this is … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Paper Boats “Summer High”]

  Ugh. How you doing? Us? We’re doing okay. Hanging in there. The operable word being hanging. Two-thirds of Christmas party carnage is done. Our folky-songwritery chums over in Highbury sure know how to rock; with the walls draped in (not real) gold, all the cheese’n’fruit’n’crackers you could possibly want up for grabs, combined with … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Snakadaktal “Dance Bear”]

  Feels a bit sluggish today kids. We do, we mean. We feel a bit sluggish. We can’t imagine anything else we start feeling up will actually feel like a slug. Unless it were an actual slug. We’ve never actually touched up a slug, come to think of it. Anyway, Christmas Party season has landed … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Teleman “Cristina”]

If Monday was the day of jubilation, and/or Tuesday was the day of a million fucketh upeths, then today may well go down in the history books as the day that we went completely bloody mental. By that, we mean that we have spent a good hour and a half just now, simultaneously to emailing … Continue reading