[Track Of The Day: Wild Yaks “Million Years Old”]

  The habit of juxtapositioning of frequently-used adjectives with animal species terminology has become increasingly-more commonplace in recent years. Before that, it was considered pretty cool to stick the word “The” in front of an-otherwise one-worded affair; moving forward to the present day, the current trend seems to be the one-worded effort by its lonesome. … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Tom Kills “Silly Little Self”]

  We are aware that we have an incredibly scary picture above. Striking though, isn’t it? Not that we’re insecure about it or anything, but if you’re worried we’ve completely lost the bloody plot and turned all goth on yo’ asses, you’d be a tiny bit right, but mostly-completely wrong; that is to say that … Continue reading

[Interview: 22]

A few months back, we made the bold statement “the most relevant thing to happen to happen to music since The Shape Of Punk To Come“, in regards to Norway’s premier hard-rockin’ and smooth-talkin’ 22 when they partied ridiculously hard at the Camden Barfly. We’ve since come under some scrutiny since making said statement, ranging … Continue reading

[Festival: LeeFest 2011]

    Here at Killing Moon we’re big fans of all things grass roots, DIY, self start, home-grown, enterprising, ambitious and go-getting, and hopefully devoid of any sense of cuntishness, primarily based on the fact we feel we slot nicely into (most of) these categories and always enjoy following the success of anyone else who … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Bewilder “I’m A Kid, That’s My Job”]

  So you may or may not have noticed that our musical indicators of late/the last 5 days have been going down the acoustic-tinged emotive path. Someone even went so far as to say that they were worried about us TO OUR FACE. We’re fine, kids. No really! Mummy and daddy aren’t breaking up, the … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Channel Cairo “Elephant Room”]

  Today has been all about promoters and venues taking us on the proverbial ride. While we’re hardly veterans of the time-honoured “game” of pushing gigs onto the kids, despite having done it for up to 10 years or so in a number of different shapes and forms, we occasionally feel the need to whine … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Rob Bravery “Hedonistic Graveyard”]

  Just before diving balls-deep into this week’s music-bloggy-reportage action, we should perhaps own up a little bit and confess that things got a tad stupid this weekend. Specifically, between the 1700 hours on Saturday, and 0400 hours on Sunday. Saturday’s hitch was, most of you should be thankful for, localised to some close friends … Continue reading

[Interview: Theme Park]

  Since chancing upon rising internet superstars Theme Park several months ago (or did we know ALL ALONG? MWAAAAHAAAHAAAAR), the four tropical-beats-obsessed young guns from London have been gettin’ busy living by pushing two brand new tracks onto the buzz melting pot in form of new single A Mountain We Love and Wax, and have … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Trim The Barber “Always Delayed”]

  Carrying on with our theme of music what makes us feel like we’re 15 again (which of course we just made up right now, but nevertheless serves as a solid platform of context), we’ve recently been tippy-tipped about London foursome Trim The Barber – having just said that, and looking at the above image … Continue reading

[Live: Latitude Festival 2011, Suffolk, 15-17/7/11]

  It has been the topic of much debate in many a music industry panel and/or b2b publications as to what exactly is the main lure for somehow-cash-rich punters to attend any particular festival in an ever-growing sea of large scale outdoor music events. Now the issue is very much one of public concern, or … Continue reading