[Track Of The Day: George Ezra “Angry Hill”]

  It hasn’t really stopped raining once for two days straight in London, albeit with intermittent showers; much like we feel our spectatorship of certain football fixtures, and in particular any and all that Chelsea participate in, very much influences the outcome of the game generally (i.e. Chelsea always lose in ridiculous fashion when we’re … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Hot Panda “Future Markets”]

  We seem to be spending an awful lot of time on our larry at the moment; which is surprising, given recent circumstances we should be in pieces, and consequently not to be left to our own devices unsupervised for too long. However, bearing in mind every possible clich├ęd phrase synonymous to “every cloud…”, we’re … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Leopard Of Honour “Gas Giants”]

  Manchester’s Leopard Of Honour really is no stranger to online props. Surfacing just under/over a year ago on such greats as Transparent, The Guardian, and of course those permenantly-on-it types over at Amazing Radio, plaudits and nods of approval have been fired in this guy’s general direction not least because of his weirdly-melodic personal … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Rousseau “Hair Of The Dog”]

  What do the emotionally desheveled, the spiritually-vacant, the insomniacs, or the recently-heartbroken (or, indeed, those experiencing all four at the same time, who we can broadly call overglorified and/or self-indulgent music fans) listen to at midnight mid-week exactly? Music that makes them think about life even more than they already do of course. In … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Jake Mattison “Sorrow”]

  There’s three reasons why we’re going to try and keep this blog post short and sweet – in fact, there are probably more, but like we say, we’re trying to keep it short and pretty sweet. Firstly, we’re a bit sheepish because ol’ J-dog of Laissez Faire Club fame has been telling us about … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Worship “Leviathan”]

  This blog post represents a first in quite a few ways for Killing Moon. For example, it is the first time we’ve actually written a Track Of The Day feature in advance of the track in question becoming available and with the intention of putting it live at a specific time the following day. … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Victoria “Crossfire”]

  We’ve got a small confession to make to y’all. We’ve been getting stoked heavily this weekend. That’s right; we’ve been stoking out in public, stoking out in our parents’ back garden, stoking out in our fort of pillows that we’ve constructed in our room (which we’re now referring to as Fort Stoke, or Deep … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Emperor Yes “Fishes/Wasps”]

  What. A. Day. Given our previous weekly mindset of doom and gloom, run-downess, and the standard mid-week fatigue, we were suprised to find out that laughing maniacally for a couple of hours at the sketch-comedy repertoire of Wit Tank (well done for making it to the Elgar Room at Royal Albert Hall boys) did … Continue reading

[Gig: FESTIFEEL! 2012]

  Here at Killing Moon HQ, we love boobs. Absolutely love em. They’re awesome. As the dude said, everybody needs a bossum for a pillow, and obviously a few other things. But, sometimes, all is not as it should be in boob-world. Kris Hallenga was on the receiving end of what no 23 year old … Continue reading

[Interview: The Kill Van Kulls]

  You may well be thinking (if you care enough), what on earth are these idiots doing at 1am on a Thursday night doing blog shite for? Why do they do it? Well, quite simply ladies and gentledudes, it’s because we care, but also we promised a mate that we’d do this before Friday. And … Continue reading