[Track Of The Christmas: Strangers “This Year”]

  Right, that’s it. That’s your lot for this year. We’re officially hibernating from right now. Well, not right now. It being the Christmas holidays and all, and us having worked our butts off right up until, well, now, we thought we’d treat ourselves (and coincidentally, yourselves) to a bit of seasonal cheer(ish) with some … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: The Phantom Runners “Not The Same Without You”/”Goddess Of War”]

  When on earth are we going to stop writing Track Of The Day features for this year? Seriously, we must enjoy bleating on about band after band after band in a near-monotonous fashion day in and out – most people in a similar occupation have given up on life in the final days before … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Fairewell “Born Under A Bad Sign”]

We could get quite used to this whole staying in mumbjo jumbo. Our reasoning is simple; it is cold, wet, and shite outside; it is warm, dry, and awesome inside. Plus our theory that the telly is composed of nothing more than a million channels with absolutely zero content (on the premise that TV programs … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: New War “Ghostwalking”]

    We’re having to openly admit to various people, mainly those who get to look at our face on a daily basis, that we’re now nocturnal. That is not so much to say that we’re out all night (that’s just coincidence) and sleeping all day, but more that that bout of chronic insomnia that … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Story Books “Peregrine”]

  It’s all nearly over. The year, we mean. Christmas mode is well and truly in full swing, resulting in attending associated celebratory proceedings in one form or another – some with work dudes, some with uni dudes, and most recently (as in last night) with Ealing/schoolmate dudes. As a result of imbibing the to-be-expected … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Canon Blue “Indian Summer (Des Moines) / “Bows and Arrows (Vegas)”]

  We’re gearing up for our Christmas shopping trip this weekend. This will take place after our Christmas University-mates drinks, followed by our Christmas Ealing-mates dinner on Saturday. So basically, we’ll have one entire day in which to sleep loads, eat food, then buy shit for people – if we have by some freak chance … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Silvers “Parades”]

Oh SHIT JEEEEAH. Despite how seemingly and permenantly knackered we are, we are still buzzing like a bee from one of the best shows that we’ve promoted, even if we do say so ourselves, and even though it was really a co-promotion with some good chums of ours. All the bands played some of the … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Lux Lisbon “Bullingdon Club”]

  Okay. We’re nearly there. Most of the stuff we’ve had to get on with in the busiest December in our adult memory has actually been and gone. All we want for Christmas is sleep. Not much sleep. Like 4, maybe even 5 hours uninterrupted kip – no late night conference calls to American and/or … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Swiss Lips “U Got The Power”]

  We’ve gone culinarily bonkers here at Planet Killing Moon. No word of a lie. Yesterday we ventured out at the now-untimely hour of 1pm to “do shit” in Ealing Broadway, and ended up bringing back assorted light bites from Marks & Spencer that were matched in their hefty price tags in both quantity and … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Fiction Faction “Malenky Lizards”]

  In case you were wondering – yes we did give ourselves two days away from the bloggington. That Best of 2011/Ones To Watch 2012 (is it “Ones”? Or “One’s”? Have you ever noticed that the word “One” starts to not looks like a real word if you write it over and over again?) was … Continue reading