[Track Of The Day: Shear-Jashub “Anything (Star Slinger Remix)”

Before we get stuck into this, we should point out that today’s Track Of The Day was in fact recommended to us little over a week ago by Strangers mainman David Maddox-Jones; now, in the last year or so we’ve known Dave, it has become increasingly more difficult to tell whether he is taking the … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Club Smith “Mantra”]

  Bit of a blast from the not-too-distant-past for us today kids, and gum golly gosh do we ever love those. The good kind anyways. Club Smith are definitely the good kind. We first conversed with these four proud young Yorkshire men (we are really going with the PlusNet advert vibe in terms of levelling … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Hermes “Should I Jump?”]

  We’ve just discovered exactly how much fun one can have with their clothes on, or without having to get freaky with another human being in general for that matter. How much, exactly? Lots. How is this achieved? You get yourself a super spesh Canon printer at the John Lewis sale and use it to … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Maker “Secret Heart”]

Feeling noticeably more relaxed on this lazy Saturday evening – this may have something to do with us having been bed-bound in some shape or form for most of the day – at one point you may have found us snoozing, at another intensely watching the first series of Sherlock which our special ladyfriend bought … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Golden Fable “Always Golden”]

  It’s the motherfudging weekend dudes. From our part, we don’t think a teensy weensy break could be more deserved than by yours truly and our ever-growing gang of good-time purveyors who makes everything we do even remotely possible – this ranges from our elite crime-fighting and ass-kicking film crew who absolutely nailed proceedings at … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: BUILDINGS “Eyes On Sunrise”]

  Continuing our quest for ultimate knowledge, we paid a visit to the familial General Practice today to ascertain the reason as to why exactly we’ve felt slightly off-balance for the last two days. Let us explain: we woke up yesterday morning with that morning-waking-up sensation that we commonly refer to as “the mong”. You … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Wild Belle “Keep You”]

We’ve been in somewhat of an inquisitive mindset these past 24 hours. As is due and proper for such a relatively-still-low-profile-but-with-a-fuckload-of-ambition type entity, we’re constantly striving for ways and methods by which we can improve on the small impression we may have made on people’s lives thus far – and in-line with living within an … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Was Golden “Thieves”]

It’s Monday. Guess what that means? Aaaaaallll the work you can eat, baby. A 7.30am start, non-stop, and we’re still at it. We’ve only just got round to eating sommat as well – pasta and green pesto stuff, if you’re interested, and damn tasty it was too, if not a tad heavy on the al … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Jack In Water “Made Of Ghosts”]

  Good news, everyone: we slept for at least 8 hours straight. An action-packed Saturday, commencing with work of course, leading up to a visit to a fine/interpretive art exhibition in Islington with our special ladyfriend (and by the by, if anyone wants to lend us a couple o’ hundy-thou, there is a rather fetching … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Vukovi “Schwagger”]

  We realise it’s a ridiculous hour in the morning to even begin thinking about writing, well, anything, let alone trying to articulate reasons why you lot should listen to what we decide to feature on this here bloggington. WE KNOW IT’S NOT NORMAL. The problem is as follows: you know all that “supery cool … Continue reading