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Killing Moon Records was set up as an independent record label in 2008 after a bunch of guys a guy basically got fed up of taking shit from the labels that they he worked for. We’re extremely proud to have worked with some amazing bands in the past, and very much looking forward to some exciting releases in the very near future.


If you’d like us to listen to your music, best way to get it to us is by either sending us an [EMAIL], or by making a deposit in our [SoundCloud Dropbox].

We always listen to everything that we’re sent. If we feel we might be able to do something with your music, we’ll give you a shout back as soon as possible. Please don’t bombard us with pestery emails though (unless you’re telling us how brilliant we are, sending us a bribe, or otherwise serving to inflate our already oversized egos).






Limited edition transparent vinyl and digital download


Released: 29th October 2012


[Click here to pre-order transparent 7″ physical single]

[Click here to pre-order on iTunes]


“[Duologue] have created something simply breathtaking from the opening vocal line” – The Blue Walrus

“A gorgeous melody with a soaring vocal that’s heartfelt yet restrained and free of pretension set against a soundscape of guitars, programmed beats, drums, whilst piano and violin add to the miasma of haunting melancholy. And it’s all rather beautiful” – The Von Pip Musical Express

“This is spectral rock music for the modern age” – Breaking More Waves


Eye Emma Jedi


Digital download


Released: 6th August 2012


[Click here to pre-order on iTunes]


“An exciting new guitar band who play an energetic, in-your-face brand of indie rock – the type that made us fall in love with the genre in the first place” – Laissez Faire Club

“Purveyors of an entrancing and exhilarating indie pop thats powerful enough to ignite your dancing feet without hesitation” Middle Boop Mag

“Norway may not be world-renowned as the spiritual home of hook-laden indie, but if up-and-coming London-based outfit Eye Emma Jedi have anything to say about it, that could all change in the not-too-distant future” Shout4Music



Normal Heights: The Remixes

Digital 7-track EP (limited run of physical CDs sold out)


Released: 30th July 2012


[Click here to order from iTunes]




Normal Heights/Cinderella

Limited edition transparent blue vinyl and digital download


Released: 11th June 2012


[Click here to order transparent blue 7″ physical single]


“Symphonic pop gorgeousness” – The Guardian

“A triumph of bold orchestral-pop and dark, delicate melody and vocal hooks” – The 405

“The kind of massive pop hooks we want to get real friendly with” – Neon Gold



Shine On You

Limited edition white label vinyl and digital download


Released: 16th April 2012


[Click here to order digital download on iTunes]


This could very well be their ticket to the mainstream” – Music Week

“Just the right match of emotion and futuristic grooviness – these guys deserve your attention” – Artrocker

“They’ve managed yet again, to produce tracks of such quality, that they should just release their full length already” – The 405



House Of Glass: Remixes EP

Digital 5-track EP (limited run of physical CDs sold out)


Released: 22nd January 2012


[Click here to order digital EP on iTunes]




House Of Glass

7″ transparent vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and digital download


Released: 21st November 2011


[Click here to order transparent 7″ physical single]

[Click here to order digital single on iTunes]


“This Reading band have a devout following at Radio 1, and their mourn-rock looks set to gain wider praise”The Guardian

“Here is something that demands your devotion”Breaking More Waves

“Atmospheric and haunting”Stereoboard

“Worship can take you into a dream within a dream within a dream type state”BBC Introducing Blog

“Heavy stuttering basslines and drums with eerie guitars paint a beautiful picture”Indie Music Filter



It Was A Sin/If I Found Love

7″ vinyl (limited to 300 copies)


Released: 4th July 2011


[Click here to pre-order/purchase “It Was A Sin/If I Found Love”]


“Interest has been picking up fast, thanks to the immediacy and addictiveness of their dark pop sound and a familiarity with the makings of a great chorus”CMU Approved

“They have a huge electronic sound and great tunes. Frankly, what more could you ask for?” Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music Introducing

“Dark pop with evidence of all the right 80’s influences…lovely stuff”Seven Sevens

“Magnificent electronic pop music that superbly scales into territories occupied on one side by Hurts and on the other side Gary Numan…whatever it is, they do it rather well”Breaking More Waves

“Darkly poppy with a hint of the Pet Shop Boys, a hint of menace and a hint of nights spent immersed in the electro pop boom of the early 80’s The Devil Has The Best Tuna




The Blueskies


CD (limited to 500 copies)/Digital EP


Released: 10th May 2010

(Physical copies sold out)

“Primal Depeche meets The Killers in a dark alley with stories of loves lost and many strange friends” – Q Magazine

“As the record wraps up with the poignant ‘Thanks For Asking Why’ and the absolutely storming synth party stomp of ‘Royal Blood’, it’s clear that this mini-album means the start of something special for the band” – Shaken Stir

“This six-track EP from Brighton’s The Blueskies demonstrates their ability to convert honest emotion into cathartic, catchy songs. An electronic flair underpins the introspection of their lyrics while simultaneously propelling their upbeat emoldies with confident urgency” – Music Week

“With tracks that work equally as well on the radio as on the dancefloor, this is a group that look set to make more than a few people smile” – Get To The Front

“Six tracks of undeniable pure electro-pop perfection” – Music News

[Click here to purchase “Souvenir”]


The Muscle Club

CD (limited to 500 copies)/Digital EP


Released: 19th October 2009

(Physical copies sold out)

“By the time the understated bonus track kicks in, The Muscle Club will have stolen your heart. Frenetic, familiar and bloody good fun,Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs could well be a late contender for debut of the year” – Bearded Magazine

“If Pete Doherty still made music that mattered – stuff like the Libertines debut – it might sound something like this debut mini-album. Intelligent, visceral, and far from fragmented” – The Fly

“There’s still a tender edge and exuberance to the band, which is perhaps unsurprising given that they formed a little under two years ago but, nonetheless, Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs is a persuasive calling from a band with an exciting and tantalising future ahead” – The Playground Magazine

A charmingly ramshackle noise from a Cardiff quartet who are cleverly straddling the line between knock-about pop and fuzzed-up jerk-rock. Scratch the surface of yelps and broken guitars and there’s a real songwriting nous” – Music Week

“The Muscle Club have gone about defining what makes a great 20th Century indie record” – Tourdates.co.uk

“There is something about The Muscle Club’s debut release that is just so … good. The individual parts of the record are very good, occasionally bordering on exceptional. The drumming is a joy to listen to, reminiscent at times of Matthew Tong from Bloc Party. The guitars are technically excellent and the lyrics, sometimes insightful, are evoked through wistful vocals” – Music News

[Click here to purchase “Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs”]


Little Death

Little Death

CD (limited to 500 copies)/Digital EP


Released: 10th November 2008

(Physical copies sold out)

“Really, like, properly good, macabre little indie bands are rarer than rocking-horse do-do these days. Thankfully Little Death have dropkicked themselves into our headlights. A deathly delight”The Fly

“This is genuinely exciting stuff. It’s just a pity Little Death are probably way too cool to hang out with us” – NME

“Mixing garage infused art-rock with a splash pf psychedelia, this trio of international heritage are making a big noise…This may be a modest release, but one that should be the start of great things” – Rocksound

“There’s nothing little about this band. We’re dying to see them live” – Drowned In Sound

Little Death are the best gnarly-but-tuneful band we’ve heard…Mint as fuck” – Front Magazine

[Click here to purchase “Little Death”]

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