[Track Of The Day: BRNS “Mexico”]



Let it never be said that we are anything more than the sum of our collective parts. Having actually managed to grab some shut-eye last night at a decent hour – even the insidious lure of Breaking Bad, which for our many sins we have only just decided to get into about a million years after everyone else, could not keep us up this time – we’re cruising through today with a relative modicum of clarity, as opposed to much of this week where we were nothing more than a massive pile of “dunno”. In line with that, and pondering our end-of-year/possibly-the-world-too sort of thoughts that we so often do at this stage, it is an inescapable truth that we’re only able to do what we can in terms of Killing Moon vicariously through some very talented and generous dudes, all in the same of attempting to do something most righteous; not least of all the musical recommendations we receive from pretty much anywhere and everywhere, ranging from industry figures of subjective discernible standing to our, well, mum. Today’s Track Of The Day came recommended to us from our buddy Skip. Cheers Skip. Skip told us about Belgian boys BRNS just yesterday afternoon and there’s some serious boat-floating abilities being impacted on our person by virtue of EP/album Wounded released earlier this year from which current Track Of The Day Mexico is lifted. There’s some belly-full lyrical/vocal action that to us is not worlds removed from our boys in Eye Emma Jedi. There is some xylophone-rhythmic action that is reminiscent of Malpas (don’t fucking forget to grab that EP as a free download on Monday yo) and a bit of Animal Collective. There is an aesthetic and song structure that is similar to those produced by Yeasayer – indeed, we may have spied that these guys have shared or are preparing to share a stage with none other than them. Also, it’s called Mexico, which is automatically rad. Because Mexico is rad.


BRNS – Mexico





BRNS – Here Dead He Lies

3 Responses to “[Track Of The Day: BRNS “Mexico”]”
  1. Julius says:

    Mexico is a truly amazing song, imho, is one of the best songs of this year.
    Btw, I am actually mexican, and I approve this track. Props!

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