[Track Of The Day: China Rats “To Be Like I”]

  Oh my SCIENCE. You’ll never guess what kids. Nah, seriously, you won’t. Go on, guess though. GUESS. Ok, now shut up. We’re going holiday. Not a “ohhhhh we’ll skip up to the Lake District for a couple o’ days” patchwork-jobby, nor a “we’re serruptitiously skipping down to some international music organisation’s HQ on the … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day (Premiere): Greenhorse “White Dust”]

  Well, this is a turnout for the books. Another full 24 hours during which, at least in theory, we should have had plenty of time to allocate towards finding a reasonable point to post up our second ever, and co-incidentally consecutive, video premiere thingy whereby we get to proclaim ourselves kings of all things … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day (Premiere): Cinnamon Girl “Friends”]

  Yes, we realise we’ve pretty much missed an entire day within which we were supposed to post this up. Forgive us, again. It really wasn’t our fault this time. In fact, we checked with the very people to whom the fault in question can very much be attributed to (this one’s for you, Misch, … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Eye Emma Jedi “Sin”]

  How about this weather, huh? In years past, many-a-time have we wished for the initial spring months to be this warm simultaneously to being this gloriously sunny. Although having said that, generally it’s not actually warm-warm. It’s tepid, or lukewarm if you will. Come to think of it, how did the name Luke become … Continue reading

[Introducing: Draper]

  It’s a fact of life that things inevitably change. People change. Minds change to accomodate altered senses. As the sun sets on one thing, it rises on very much another, if you will allow us to get into our post-Sunday lunch emotional turmoil. In music world, genres are constantly evolving into whatever popularist opinion … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Jade Hopcroft “Saint”]

Bad news dudes. Our slightly-comedic but for right-now-disconcerting bout of mild vertigo (personally we still can’t believe the condition exists) has returned to mess us about a bit. We’re pleased (kinda) to report that this is in fact a result of a virus going around – aside from being laughed at by our physician, following … Continue reading

[Interview: Being There]

  We are of the opinion that great new indie bands are generally getting younger. Having said that, we should emphasise that age isn’t, or rather shouldn’t be, a material consideration when analysing music on its own merits (try telling The National,¬†Elbow or The Hold Steady that they’ll never gain recognition on the basis of … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: SHINIES “Shola”]

  Another shoot-in-and-out Track Of The Day for you kids – if, indeed, you are remotely interested in our personal lives, last night involved sitting in for our handsome-devil-of-an-intern Adam and making matters that much more personal on our weekly radio show Strongroom Sessions through our buddies Strongroom Alive with presenter Cara, and taking in … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Acres Of Lions “Reaction”]

  Feels a little bit like a half-term break kids; or for those who don’t know what that means, it sorta feels like we’ve had a half-day at secondary school, and our perpetual exhaustion has momentarily been lifted in celebration of the fact that we know we don’t have to get up at half 6-ish … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Laura Welsh “Ghosts”]

  Let’s talk about how great the internet is without mentioning porn or illegally downloading music or movies. Okay? Okay. One of the great things about the internet is the concept of sharing and generally enhancing the notion of freedom of information. This is the perfect marriage of notions such as the desire to open … Continue reading