[Track Of The Day: Dead Red Sun “Facility”]

  The journey of discovering new tunes, so we’ve worked out this weekend just gone by, is not confined to looking ahead for what new sound waves are coming up on the horizon, but also those little gems that we loved so much back in the day but yet somehow got left behind and forgotten … Continue reading

[Good Shit: Killing Moon Limited Nominated For ROTD Awards]

Just a brief smidgen of an update. The powers that be, or rather the staff that be, have deemed Killing Moon Limited (that’s us) worthy of a nomination (that’s where they say you’re in with a shot) for the UK’s Best Blog of 2011 at the annual Record Of The Day Awards. Egad. Gawp. Gurn. … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Escapists “Post Gospel Blues”]

  A rather rest-orientated weekend for us, hombres. After a university reunion of sorts last Friday, resulting in us drinking on an empty stomach for the first time ever in about four weeks, ultimately ending up in doing what we usually do during the course of our exit out of Shepherds Bush. And that, ladies … Continue reading

[Introducing…Mode Moderne]

  Halloween is a strange time of year for us. Simply put, we don’t get it. That is to say, we fundamentally disagree with the notion that anyone above the age of, like, 4, surely by which time they would have had some sort of interaction with the big wide world of commerce and trade … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Best Days “Wasted”]

  Bad news citizens. We’re feeling under the weather. Despite flu jabs (so thankfully, it can’t be the flu…we hope) and a steady intake of Berrocca-tainted pints of water on the reg for around two weeks now, this bastard bug going around has ultimately got the best of us. Having just written that, we realise … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Pujol “Mayday”]

  We’ve had several sporadic cases of  mild-to-medium Crazy Eye for the last two consecutive weeks, which is our own personal Team Zissou-terminology for waking up with blood-shot eyes. The cause of our ailment at this point is uncertain, and unnerving to say the least when we see a devilish gaze in the mirror first … Continue reading

[Interview: Curxes]

  Starting a new band as a duo seems like a pretty good option these days for anyone/anytwo contemplating such an act. They can be as musically diverse and proficient as those with quite frankly way too many members; you’ve got your singer-singwritery types (e.g. Big Deal); your heavy metal-turned-raver types (e.g. Sleigh Bells); your … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Holland “Lovely Bones”]

It was the Q Awards today, or so we could tell from our many social networking feeds. Exactly one year ago today, a former boss overzealotous collegue who made out they were our boss on more than a few occassions and took great pleasure in belittling us in front of, well, a lot of people … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Two Jackals “Here Or There”]

A rather exciting week on the horizon coming up chaps and chapettes. Not that we can be too vocal at this point about the specifics therein (although we might well have been to more than a few people over the course of a rather Camden-based weekend), but rather than being one of those damned secret … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Coves “No Ladder”]

  We’re going to whine about the weather. Again. Why? It’s too cold. TOO FUCKING COLD, says we. Rather conveniently, we’ve discovered that our work efficiency has drastically increased due to our hibernative state that seems to occur every single time the sun goes down these days. You know that feeling of absolute contentment that … Continue reading