[As a matter of course, don’t pirate music. All the bands’ music we feature in this section have kindly given us permission to do so, but this doesn’t mean they didn’t work their bums off to get it done in the first place. Support the bands you love and buy their music legit]


On Planet Killing Moon, we find being upfront with y’all is the only way to be. We’ve recently discovered that we actually have the ability to make up a fictional act, go around telling a select few people about it, and, much like witnessing the beginnings of a massive forest fire by lighting some matches in a few, select, remote locations far away from the ultimate focal point, we’ve found more than a few people get their nickers in a twist trying to track down or extract information from us as to the identity of the ghost of a band we invented. Call it a fucked up social experiment if you like. Of course, we fessed up sooner rather than later, lest we become precisely what we’ve specifically set out not to be, and because eventually we’d get found out anyway – this sentiment may well be equally applicable to the fast-rising New York-based duo Lovelife. We may as well tell you now that they used to be in that-there indie band of yesteryear Viva Brother, or were at the least a big constituent thereof. We’ll admit, when we first became aware of these chaps some time ago, our instinctive prejudices may well have got in the way of doing a write up much sooner than now. Then again, we’re only human. That right there is the inherent conundrum, as a self-appointed music pundit, of bigging up an new artist you know is going to feasibly do well in terms of, well, whatever constitutes doing well these days, versus the inner fan-boy that really just wants to listen to only Alkaline Trio all the time and thus rejects all other forms of musical expression. We spent most of our adolesence subscribing to the latter school of thought, only to find out later that we really didn’t know what we were missing at the time. Having spent a good while living with our latest MPFree exclusive, The Key, we’re genuinely convinced that this is the band Ally and his buddy Lee should have formed much sooner than now, and indeed are the act they were always meant to be. The music reeks of intelligence. The vocals smack of sincerety. The vibes whiff of Strangers. They have stepped up despite having what might have been a difficult recent-past for them, and come up with something new, which from personal experience is possibly the hardest thing to do as far as anyone is concerned. It also helps that what they’re doing now is categorically good, and could well have the potential to go on to be amazing. Grab a download and see what we’re on about, then decide for yourselves.

[Click here to download “The Key” for diddly-squat!]


Eye Emma Jedi

Its relatively safe to say, depending on whether or not you reckon the summer has actually come to a conclusive end or not at this point, that Eye Emma Jedi were the contributors to one of the best festival seasons we’ve ever had (very likely) as well as our drunkest (mos’ fuckin’ def). Victorious as their riot-starting headline set at the Camden Barfly single launch was back in August, and sobbing like an abandoned maiden at the latest port they docked into and subsequently left as we were afterward, the soul very much still burns brightly with these young chaps. In fact, we were downright gobsmacked to hear a brand new remix in a well-known music pub in East London frequented by Vice peoples being thrown down circa one or two weeks ago – this in fact happened to be the latest work of the ever-impressive Royal Scams who has got his mitts on the guys’ single Sin, and somehow injected even more fun into a track we believed to be saturated with the good shit. Grab your free download below.

[Click here to download “Sin (Royal Scams Remix)” for diddly-squat!]

Eye Emma Jedi – Sin (Royal Scams Remix)


To Kill A King

London’s To Kill A King may be the recipients of the most abuse from the Killing Moon stable of, um, abuse in its year-and-a-half lifetime. Let’s do a quick roll-call here: they’ve definitely had a Track Of The Day, we’ve interviewed ’em, they’re the only band in this section to be featured twice as an MPFree – we mean, shit, we’ve even name-checked the buggers in the post below this one. So just why are we bumming these dudes so very, very hard? Well, firstly cos we quite like em (not in THAT waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Grow up), but secondly, it helps that they’re just so damn up for giving their tunes away. Having just completed a new EP entitled Word Of Mouth which they’re generally giving away for diddly, save for 500 physical copies which we’ve been told are geared towards fans to give away in, um, “interesting ways”. We’re not sure what that means. We do know that we can give away one of these glorious songs from this release, Rays, the recently-surfaced video for which you can all grab a goosey of below. Oh wait – you can’t actually. Because we’ve just checked and it’s still unlisted on the ‘Tube. We’ll get done if we spill pre-emptively. We don’t want to get done, even though it is a very nice video. Too much at stake. We’ll embed a different video instead. Jeah.

[Click here to download “Rays” for diddly-squat!]


Paul Cook & The Chronicles

Life might be pretty sweet for Mr. Cook and his gang of Chronicles right now. With plaudits being gathered from the likes of Record Of The Day, um, us, sharing stages with To Kill A King, and having been named (today) as Soundcloud’s Track Of The Week, feels like they’re mopping up nicely all over the shop with their debut long-playing effort, the valiantly-named Volume One. Now as a landmark in the ambitious London outfit’s career, they’ve allowed us to pretty much steal and give away one of the tracks from said debut album, which just goes by the name of Phoney Love. Well, rather than letting us do that, they’ve got their PR to ask us to link the below to their soundcloud page where you can pretty much do that anyway. Still. Pretty good.

[Click here to download “Phoney Love” for diddly-squat!]



There’s a certain pint-sized PR (well, we make jests about height, whilst we’re almost certainly included in the top ten lankiest people in, um, Ealing) who may well be fuming at us, by reason that it has taken around three to four weeks to get our latest MPFree, which is in fact this one, up and running. We’re sorry, Rhi. But you were well late for the pub that evening, and we’re very happy to call it quits at this point. 1-all. Evens Stevens, fairy squary. Anyway, skipping past the fact that we’ve broken the cardinal rule of music journalism by talking about ourselves rather than the subject matter at hand (although to be fair, we have made an entire website based on just that), former Ou Est Le Swimming Pool guy Caan is back on the scene and bigger than a breadbox by releasing new single Into The Night at the start of this week, and what’s even better news is that the chappy has gone and made this single free to download (you’ll need an email address for this one though kids), so y’all can get real cosy and familiar-like with it. The video’s pretty deep and all.

[Click here to download “Into The Night” for diddly-squat!]



Good lord, where does the time actually go? Feels like just yesterday that we were randomly scooping up bands to write about (well, we were literally doing just that yesterday, albeit for a little bit) in some sort of half-arsed way to try to somehow use Killing Moon as our ticket into another personally pointless A&R/glorified social networking spy-type job for no-one in particular. Yeah, that worked really well. We do distinctly remember the point that we came across prolific duo Bluebell, who we’re actually now glad to call friends, in that this was the sort of time that everything kind of changed and some degree of empathy began to attach itself to our little enterprise. As in, what we’re doing actually means something to somebody, if only a sense of fulfillment to ourselves. But with outfits like Bluebell, it does go beyond that – we’ve seen the reactions people have upon hearing their cleverly-written rock-tinged pop music, and, more to the point, its actually real. Being an absolute pleasure releasing their debut single Normal Heights/Cinderella on Monday 11th June (which is this shitting Monday!), we’ve also had the further good fortune of hearing a lot of fantastic remixes, the favourites of which as chosen by the band themselves will receive a release proper at some point in the coming months as one of those remix EPs we’re so damn fond of – one of which, from other prolific duo Golden Fable who won the Track Of The Day championship belt a little while back, you can download for absolute nowt via the link beloe. Don’t forget to buy the single though dudes, then pop along to Bluebell‘s single launch at Ballyhoo on 20th June. Plugplugplug.

[Click here to download “Normal Heights (Golden Fable Remix)” for diddly-squat!]


Swim Deep

A lot has happened with Birmingham’s Swim Deep who we blathered on about a bloody while ago. For example, they’ve got a baby single on the way through the ever-on it Chess Club label, the delightfully emotive King City, the video for which you may goosey upon below, and we’ve just discovered is out a lot sooner than we thought having a release slated for 14th May. During that time, we’ve had more than several insightful Facebook-instigated conversations with member Zachery Robinson, during which that we discovered, amongst other things, that he likes saying words like “yer” and “peace” quite a bit, and more often than not will sign off with a few kisses that suggests to us not only does he play in a radi-cool outfit, but also he is quite likely a dude in his own right. Ahead of a confirmed slot on the Neon Gold/Chess Club stage at this year’s Great Escape festival in Brighton (which actually we’re praying doesn’t clash with our own shindig on Friday 11th May), have a grab of this Solarsystems remix of the single which they’ve made available for free downloadabilitywillity.

[Click here to download “King City (Solarsystems Remix)” for diddly-squat!]


The Vestals

A lot has happened since their producer  cold-dropped Seventeen by probably-Welsh indie outfit The Vestals into our unsuspecting inbox (we say probably-Welsh, mainly as we don’t actually know for certain, but we’re going on the whole kinsman association vibe with the welsh producer being involved, which in itself is a massive assumption but THAT’S HOW WE ROLL). For example, a new year happened. A bit more Arab Spring happened. The Vestals removing their track from the internet almost definitely happened. And probably some other stuff happened. During that time, we of course began to wonder what was really going on in this camp – we’ve had more than the one inquisitive A&R and agent egging us on to reveal more than we had originally made out (seriously, we still don’t know that much about these guys, if that wasn’t clear enough) on the back of Seventeen – but when we were just about filling our heads to the fullest possible extent with other stuff, our mystery rough riders come whopping into our town again, this time mounting impressive new stallion Perfect Pain. If the first track had you hooked (unlucky to ya if you didn’t get a whiff of it while it was available), then this one should blow your little mind into orbit to join us here on the Killing Moon where we simply can’t stop listening to it, being the groove-slaves that we are. We’ve got it below for you to get involved with right now – if you’re vaguely into Get Up Kids, I Was A Cub Scout, Dillinger Four, or just really good guitar music in general, make sure you grab this one.

[Click here to download “Perfect Pain” here for diddly-squat!]


The Draymin

Quite a nice one for y’all this week kids. And an exclusive, but you knew that already right? Because we’re all super cool now and important and stuff? Ya like that, right? Jeah? Anyway, let’s step out from dickhead-land and get down to it – The Draymin are big, bad, Scottish and they want to have their way with you and all you hold dear by virtue of the recent release of their new album entitled Should’ve Known Better – brim-full of 13 tracks of awesomeness (we would know, we’ve been listening to little else in the last 24 hours), which would romance the ears of fans of the electro-poppy world. Basically, think Moby, Starlings, Chemical Brothers and Portishead all running together at great speed like the Station twins in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey to make one hulking, pulsating musical monster (click here in case you have absolutely no idea what we’re on about, although for some reason you don’t see the actual collision to form this beast) that many would consider to be the best unsigned band in that world at this current moment in time. A 13-date UK tour is currently in effect which includes a tasty slot at this year’s Rockness Festival, which in all honesty we’ll probably be at, not least of all to reach for the lazers when these dudes take to the stage. The best news is, of course, that the dudes have given kind permish for us to give away album opener trackHeart Attack for the ol’ diddly. Make sure you check out the whole album below.

[Click here to download “Heart Attack” for diddly-squat!]



You know what? We’re gonna take off our nicey-nicey hat for a second and act like a real bastard. We absolutely love that we get to do this stuff. Set aside the fact that we make our living from eating, breathing, sleeping and shitting music 24/7 – well, not quite as much as that, but as close as you can fucking get – but it is ridiculous in it’s own right that we have our own little platform from which we can ostensibly big up as many bands as we can humanly get through. And, shit, as far as bands like Eeves are concerned, a big up is the least they deserve. Those boys have found it in their big ol’ hearts to allow us to give away one of our favourite tunes of 2012 so far (we realise we say that a fair bit, but we can help it if we’re a slave to the groove, ya dig?), the Pixies-endowed So Long Hurricane. Eeves, we salute you sirs. Teeside, you don’t know how lucky you are.

[Click here to download “So Long Hurricane” for diddly-squat!]

Eeves – Eyes Closed



It’s 1am in Killing Moon-time. Which just so happens to be precisely the same time as Greenwich Mean Time. We’re insomniacs. We’ve got a problem, we know. After this amount of time of dedicating as much free time to this whole enterprise as possible, we can’t help but feel slightly off if we didn’t blog about at least something every day. Not just any old thing, mind, but good shit. Fitting nicely into that category is yet another exclusive (for now) freebie-download type thingy from the recently-emergent and suitably-enigmatic Lovechilde. We know something about Lovechilde. It’s definitely not how to pronounce the name with a degree of certainty (for example, it could be phonetically “Luv-Chyl-d”, or non-phonetically “Love-Childey”, or perhaps even “Love-CHILLED”), so we’re grateful that we’re writing this as opposed to saying it; but rather something else entirely that we’re not actually allowed to say or the relevant PR (his name is Chris, in case you were wondering) will probably find us and kill us, which is not too hard seeing as we hang out with him on the reg anyway. What we can share with you is our brief synopsis of what (or even how) we think this sounds like, which is thus: Connor Oberst hiking up a mountain, rendezvousing with Grass House at some point along the way, staying at the top of said mountain drinking “special” tea, then finally coming down after several days of this intense session and producing this musical work having had their perspective on shit radically changed in the process. The other thing we can share with you is the joy of not one, but two MPFrees, which in fact represent the first single release proper for this promising new entity. Enjoy.

[Click here to download “Tang” for diddly-squat!]

[Click here to download “Tourniquet” for diddly-squat!]



We’re continuing our brutal (and now nearly-weekly) onslaught of exclusive MPFree goodness and graciousness by once again conjuring not one, but two bands who we’ve encountered in years past. The artist in question: Safari. Somehow we’ve not got round to featuring them here on the mighty, nearly-award-winning Killing Moon blog, but we’re sure as shit we’ve seen them in a previous musical persona before (clue to previous nomenclature – a fashion icon in a slasher movie) just over or under a few years ago It may have even been at one of our own nights back in the day when we rolled deep with the Mucha Marcha crew. Well, sod all that: Safari are here, they released their single Doubt last week on the ever-slick Sons Of Stereo label, and it’s reet good, hence they tick all the right boxes necessary to float our particular boat. Then, on the other hand, you’ve got previous Track Of The Day title-holders Decibels piling in, which sees them embellishing the former’s smooth electro-beats with the latter’s spikey soundscapes. The result? One of the best remixes we’ve heard this year so far, and believe us when we say we’ve heard a few. Grab it below.

[Click here to download “Doubt (Decibels Remix)” for diddly-squat!]


The Wild Mercury Sound

We really too good to you lot. Just kidding. Well, we sort of are, but we can’t do it without you. For if you do not read, we cannot write. If you do not download, we can’t get you all this cool free shit. So we’re proper-reet-happy chappies to be able to sort you out with yet another exclusive free download, this time from those rather-young hot shots from London, The Wild Mercury Sound – you may remember us banging on about them a little while back owing to their epic, arena-calling signature rock anthems shortly after they partied hard and fucked shit up at the Camden Barfly. If Miss Frost was their challenge to the seemingly immovable object/unstoppable force that is Foo Fighters‘ trademark rock ballads, then the treat that we have for you this fine evening, Itchy Skin, represents a far more bold step into songwriting territory for this ambitious four-piece, taking elements of southern rock and mashing it up with the very best whiskey-induced haziness that might bring a tear to Josh Homme‘s eye for not including it in the latest Desert Sessions. If this literally was an itch, you’d be a total nutter not to scratch it. Even better news is that the dudes will be touring the country rather extensively in the remainder of February and a more-than-a-bit of March, touching down at London’s Lexington venue on 21st March, in celebration of releasing new single Slow, watchable via that l’il YouTubey thingy below.

[Click here to download “Itchy Skin” for diddly-squat!]


Book Affair

We be LAAAAAAAVING the amount of exclusive MPFree giveaways that have been sent our way as of late. In contrast, if this time last year was all about us doing an Oliver and going up to people who had never heard of us giving it “please sir, can I have some more?”, then this year is more like us arriving arriving at an oversubscribed, Michellin Star-restuarant and not only being shown to our own specially-reserved table past rows of anxiously-queuing diners, but also being given a choice of free and fine Cuban cigars on our way in. Such is life’s rich tapestry. Anyway, shameless self-promotion and boasting aside (what’s the point in running a completely self-indulgent music blog otherwise?), today’s freebie involves not just one but TWO Killing Moon homies; namely a recently internet-surfaced mega indie-dancey anthem from former Track Of The Day’ers Book Affair (jeah) by the name of Alexa being given the remix-heave ho from the multi-talented, seemingly-omnipresent (just how many bands are you involved in Lucci??), and recently named-changed Royal Scams. The result? One of our favourite remixes to date, that’s what. And seeing as we’re becoming useless at keeping anything a secret these days/ever, y’all can look forward to these guys gracing the Club Killing Moon stage very shortly. In the meanwhile, grab this stonker for free below.

[Click here to download “Alexa (Royal Scams Remix)” for diddly-squat!]

Book Affair – Alexa (Demo)



We like Mausi. A lot. Seems we are not the only ones – with props spanning far and wide across the ostensibly spectrum of tunes, including but by no means limited to Neon Gold, our buddies over at Laissez Faire Club, our other buddies at Amazing Radio, and as of today our other-other buddies over at Strongroom Alive have declared themselves the latest addition to Newcastle’s latest great musical export’s ever-growing list of fans. This may have something to do with their feel-good hit of the summer, or anti-anthem to the winter depending on how we’re judging these things nowadays, by the name of Sol – itself successfully having extracted the fun bits of Black Kids and creating a beautiful mutant hybrid with the stem cells of Phoenix – which has since gone on to receive a release proper via Washington-based All Things Go Records. The other wonderful news is that homeboys Polarsets have buddied up with these geezers by giving the single the old heave-ho and coming up with a particularly funky-fresh (in the, y’know, tropical sense) remix that you simply MUST download for free below, right here right now.

[Click here to download “Sol (Polarsets Remix” for diddly-squat!]



Pop. Pop-pop-pop. Poppety-opp. It’s a tough genre; within which an emerging artist wishing to rise to the top  must endeavour to remain credible as they are commercial, particularly in the initial stages of one’s career in this fickle game. Get it wrong, and at best pretty much everyone will laugh at you forever – or at worst, simply forget about you in the blink of an eye. Get it right, and fame, fortune and, most importantly, aaaaaaallllll the money you can eat will be yours for a bit at the very least – and (you know we love a good contrast) if all cylinders in question are firing in the right direction, at the right time, then your songs may well end up in that most-coveted of all accolades, “timeless”. We’re pretty sure that 17-year-old South London resident A*M*E has done her homework in regards to, um, aiming towards the latter category we’ve just been describing. Striking us as an emalgumation between Vela and Nicki Minaj (one that we’re rather outspoken in our attributable fandom, the other you could say we’re more of a closet supporter thereof), this young lady has herself sprung off to the most flying of starts via props received from the one-and-only Popjustice, which as we are all aware is precisely what you need if you want to get anywhere in life and, if we’re being serious for just a moment, is actually not that easy to come by, as well as getting snapped up by Gary Barlow‘s own label Future Records. So it’s gotta be something good, right? What’s even better is that the gal has gone and enlisted the services of rising London sonic manipulator trio Dems, who have subsequently laid the proverbial smack down on this track with a touch of generous sampling and minimalist, passive backing beats. The track is available as a free download (exclusive to yours truly, we might will add) via the link below. Yessum.

[Click here to download “City Lights (Dems Remix)” for diddly-squat!]


Silent Devices

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the more regularised Track Of The Day blog posts that we do here at Killing Moon (and if you haven’t, what the fuck is wrong with you?), we’re in a mindset similar to that of someone who suffers from chronic slappingthemselvesintheface-itis owing to the inherent frustrations of not being able to digest all the music that we feel we should be given our now-advantageous position when it comes to dealing with such matters. It’s bands like Silent Devices that make us as frustrated that we didn’t come across them sooner as we are simultaneously glad that they exist at all. In their short lifespan, this emotively-stimulating four piece from Leicester have picked up a substantial fanbase, of which the likes of Radio 1’s Bethan Elfyn, 6Music’s Tom Robinson and Amazing Radio’s resident sex-pot Charlie Ashcroft can count themselves in as card-carrying members, and aided in no small part by literally playing the shit out of the UK alongside such greats as Wet Paint, The Rumble Strips, Animal Kingdom, 65 Days Of Static and Cults – none of which sound anything like this band. White Noise at some point said they sound like Sigur Ros indulging Thom Yorke‘s musical fantasies. That’s not far off; we think chuck in Spring Offensive into the mix and that’ll improve things. Even better is that they’ll be releasing new double A-side single Una/Moire on CRC Music on 20th February, followed by an EP in March.

Silent Devices – Una

Silent Devices – Moire



A new year invariably means new tunes, and by Merlin’s beard (we’ve been watching more Harry Potter over the course of the last week or so than anybody should really be expected to) we’ve got a shitload to hand over to ya.  Because we’re rather keen to get a jump on the good stuff sprouting up hither and thither in these early 2012 days (relatively speaking of course, we’re still hanging from New Year’s Eve/Day), we just went ahead and cracked open the inbox a whole actual day earlier than we strictly speaking had to – and, heck, aren’t we glad that we went and did just that, otherwise we wouldn’t have succumbed to fast-rising producer and/or remixer type Pedestrian. Unfortunately, one of our less-desirable habits formed over 2011 hasn’t exactly subsided, and this is one of those brightly-sparkling acts that we obviously should know everything about, ranging from what this dudes’ real name is to what colour his socks are, now that we’re, y’know, a near-award winning blog and stuff. Unfortunately, you’ve probably cottoned on to the fact we know next to fuck all in this respect. However, we are aware of the following information that we’re more than willing to share with you: this dude is, from what we can tell pictorially-speaking, a dude; he released an EP last year entitled Hei Poa which, like, a lot of people thought was right-good; he’s done a wonderfully-minimalistic remix of to-be-a-big-deal-in-2012-but-kind-of-already-was type Emeli Sande‘s Daddy; he is giving the aforementioned remix away for free; you can download it below. Whoa, turns out we know loads!

[Click here to download “Daddy (Pedestrian Remix)” for diddly-squat!]

Pedestrian – Hei Poa (Murder He Wrote ‘Caffeinated’ Mix)


Young Buffalo

If you are/were an avid early reader of the fabulous one-and-only Killing Moon blog, or perhaps we emotionally blackmailed you into reading it at certain intervals in the initial stages of it’s creation, you may well remember that we thudding love a three-piece Local Natives-esque outfit from Oxford, Mississippi called Young Buffalo, in all their big-chorusy and gang-vocally glory. So we were unable to shake that very same chudsey grin that we had the very first time we heard Three Deep and Catapilah upon receiving news that the dudes are active again, albeit Stateside, and have been spending the time on the in-between fruitfully by recording more sweet tunes. We also learned that the three-piece has now become a two-piece. And that they now play as a four-piece. In total, and we’re not sure if we have this right, this means we have up to six pieces of band available here. That’s a lot of band. They’re getting BIGGER. We’re assuming the above picture depicts THE actual two piece sitting nonchalantly and perusing magazines in the lobby of the Universal Building (also known as The Death Star; we’ll leave you to work out why). Anyhoo, the point is these dudes have offered up a brand spanking new demo for listening purposes, entitled Baby Demons, and you can grab it here for nowt. So, like, download it.

[Click here to download “Baby Demons” for diddly-squat!]



Bit of a special MPFree for y’all tonight ladies and gentledudes. London’s Kites have experienced possibly one of the greatest skyward rises out of most grassroots bands that we’ve seen this year – and if you’re an avid reader of our cheeky little blog, then you can imagine that we’ve actually seen quite a few. Having rolled a couple of times with our own dark princes of pop Strangers, upon releasing latest single Brother a little while back, these guys have pretty much tripped the indie light fantastic on the live front, and have galvanised themselves in support from our brothers at Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing, Artrocker, and we hear that even the mighty Q Magazine chaps are feeling these New Order-via-Patrick Wolf style vibes, with a quintessentially British tone to the whole thing aided in no small part by singer Matthew Phillips’ articulately stand-outish vocal talents. So pretty well deserved, we can surmise. Let us celebrate all and sundry in light of the fact that you can download the b-side to the aforementioned single, Art Tastes Better Blind, for free by clicking the below. Merry Christmas you filthy animals.

[Click here to download “Art Tastes Better Blind” for diddly-squat!]


The White Album

Ever since getting a shortlist nomination for a Record Of The Day award (yeah, whatever, no biggy right?) a couple of weeks back, we’ve been positively inundated with emails from needy PRs asking us to tout their wares as the next big thingy for all you kids to gawp at and lap up. WE’RE PART OF THE SYSTEM NOW. It’s not all working for the man every night and day though – thanks to said inundation we were fortunate enough to learn about Danish three-piece The White Album, their music, their beards and their general feel-good vibes. As mentioned in our recent but belated Track Of The Day feature on these chaps’ brand of acoustic-led and softly-sung singer-songwriteriness, support for the music is starting to build nicely and we have it on good authority that another stint is being planned to the UK imminently. In the meantime, these dudes have made one of our favourites, Another, available for free download right here. Aren’t we just the gift that keeps on giving? It is (almost) Christmas after all.

[Click here to download “Another” for diddly-squat!]



We like Exlovers. Seriously, we do. We like the way they walk, the way they talk. It’s safe to say we like many aspects of them. Saying this, however, is pretty much tantamount to blasphemy in two rather polarised respects; firstly, you have the indie elitists who flat-out condemn the London outfit’s simple-yet-very-much-effective song structures that seem to stick in your head literally years after you heard it for the first time (but for why, we do not know. Haters gon’ hate, as the man said); then you have the other elitists who have the band’s music so engrained into their ear lobes that they will try to bite your head off if you say you’re anything short of obsessed with the five-piece (seriously, this has happened recently. We’re alright though. Thank you for all the cards). Either way, it’s very welcome news that these chaps plus one chapette have a long-awaited full length album on the way through Young & Lost soon – what’s more, the dudes plus one dudette have made one of the tracks of their aforementioned forthcoming long-player, namely Starlight Starlight, available for free download, which you can grab right here right now. Whether you sit on one side of the fence, the other, or rather uncomfortably in the middle, we’d strongly advise you to get down to see this lot live at XOYO on 16th December.

[Click here to download “Starlight Starlight” for diddly-squat!]



What does is actually mean when you’re so sleep deprived that your left eyeball won’t stop throbbing incessantly, despite the fact that you keep the eyelid closed in an attempt to kid yourself that you’re “micro-sleeping” during the day? Perhaps it is time for us to face the facts and admit that we didn’t have so much spare time as we thought we once did, and actually honour the promise that we made to ourselves about a month ago to “get someone in” (which is code for basically blagging an experienced writer to do all of our shit for us for free) to help us out. Then again, we do enjoy all of this immensely, as it allows us to further our social endevours, meet new people (who are usually friends-of-friends) who then go on to tell us about quality acts like Melbourne’s Verona. These dudes have built up a considerable following over the last year, and have very recently – and by that we mean, like, Monday – have made brand spanking new track Hero available for free download. Reminiscent of emolectro (yes, we did just make that up) acts such as Postal Service and/or Owl City, there’s certainly a dancier shade to this outfit that conjures up images of Phoenix in the glory days. Play the clip, then download away.

[Click here to download “Hero” for diddly-squat!]



If you’re a Killing Moon regular, the chances are you’ve had little respite from our constant bleatings about Reading’s finest musical exports, the mighty Worship. As we edge ever-nearer to 21st November, being the long-awaited release date for the most-triumphant four piece’s debut single House Of Glass, we invited some of our buddies to have a stab at reworking this effort – some of which were subsequently selected to appear on a limited run of physical EPs on the very retro CD format (no messin’ – we have been told several times over the last week that CDs are now “so old school”) which are only available through pre-ordering the single, one of which happens to include this very tasty remix; a collaborative effort between sure-fire popstar and KM-approvee Vela and new production superhouse Royal Blood. What’s better is that those lovely chappies have made this reworked tune available for free download, which we’ve conveniently rigged up for you by clicking the link below.

[Click here to download “House Of Glass (Vela vs. Royal Blood Remix)” for diddly-squat!]


To Kill A King

A long time ago (May this year) in a galaxy far, far away (Nottingham), Killing Moon hitch-hiked (drove) all the way up to a tribal gathering (Dot To Dot Festival) to witness some of the finest bands in the land and beyond perform in several venues simulatenously. It was not easy. It also didn’t help that, despite having prepped ourselves for several interview sessions with a number of these brilliant acts on display, we had forgotten any and all equipment. Or it was broken. We can’t really remember, too much has happened on the in-between. However, we did get an opportunity to chat to one of our favourite new acts of this year, To Kill A King, who gracefully decided to put up with our crap and do an emailer. For that reason, and a couple more, such as their slick take on folk-orientated pop tunes, plus their love of facial man-hair, we like these guys an awful lot. They’ve recently released a brand spanking new EP by the name of My Crooked Saint through Virgin Records, and they’ve also got their mates in Bastille to remix lead track Bloody Shirt. Good effort, great job. And yep, you can download it all for nowt by clicking the link below. Enjoy.

[Click here to download “Bloody Shirt (Bastille Remix) for diddly-squat!]



Quite a special MPFree to satiate your musical appetite today dudes. We were fortunate enough to experience LA’s Greenhorse a little while back when they slung the soulful-tinged dance electro anthem Happiness on our general direction which we lapped up like the greedy pigs we are. After a whirlwind catch up with these intrepid young lads,  Mr. Shawn Day again threw us another tidbit for us to relish in. Where Happiness was, inherently, the feel-good hit of the now-long gone summer, new effort The Breathing Machine gives us the heebie-jeebies that are oh-so appropriate on today actually being Halloween, even though certain people have been acting like it was for the last 3 days. For shame. What’s duckier is that Monsieur Shawn has made this latest offering available for free download, so that you might play it ambiently whilst your unsuspecting flatmate/housemate/co-habitor creeps through the front door on this dusky evening and scare the crap out of them. Also be sure to check out other-tune Hidden Love below if you haven’t already, so we can all compare, contrast, discuss and ultimately legislate on.

[Click here to download “The Breathing Machine” for diddly-squat!]

Greenhorse – Hidden Love


Grass House

It’s no secret that we absolutely arse Grass House. It’s not just because they’ve tugged on our earlobes incessently for the last two years since making us jump through unintentional and bordering on the comedic hoops to actually receive our own personalised copy of Cockroach. It is certainly not solely down to the witching Nick Cave-style vibes they send into our soul with a bewildering video for A Cradle, A Short Breath. Nor can we honestly pin this down to their truly volcanic ensemble of beards, flag-shipped in no small part by the mightiest handlebar that you ever did see, resting like a proud bird of prey in a mountanous nest on singer Liam Palmer’s stiff upper lip. It’s really a culmination of all those things; but in addition to the band’s credentials, including being possibly the most polite band we’ve had the good fortune to meet in, well, ever, they’re also one of the hardest-working chaps around as evidenced by the recent announcement of new single release in the form of Faun/The Breeze, a double-A side 7″ single hitting the streets on 24th October via Holiday Club Recordings. The adventurous four have kindly made one of the aformentioned tracks, The Breeze, available for free download purposes ahead of the release and a big-ass show supporting British Sea Power at The Barfly on 21st October. So download away. But don’t be a dick; buy the single as well.

[Click here to download “The Breeze” for diddly-squat!]

Grass House – Faun


The Polyamorous Affair

Ain’t married life just grand? You get to share living space, financial and legal responsibilities, and, as our latest editions to the Killing Moon MPFree archives indicate, work that coincides making beeeaaaautiful music together in a strictly-literal and non-kinky way. Having just said that, hubby-and-wifey LA duo The Polyamorous Affair may well contradict this notion, as their dark slick of pop track Fantasy pretty much has “sexysexsex” written all over it from start to finish, and is itself due to be released in October this very year. Which everybody knows is the sexiest month of the year anyway, so that’s just clever marketing kids. Making people slow dance and love happen in many a club around the shop, the track since received a some-what spicer aphrodisiac-esque reworking from now-defunct love purveyors You Say Party, We Say Die! In fact, this was the very last track that YSP remixed for anyone, anywhere. Why on earth wouldn’t you download it when it’s free as a bird to do with as you wish? Eh?

[Click here to download “Fantasy (You Say Party Remix)” for diddly-squat!]

The Polyamorous Affair – Fantasy (Original)


Get People

If, like us, you are an avid or enthusiastic reader of other blogs (having just “said” that, you surely must be, or you wouldn’t be here, right?), you probably would have noticed that London trio Get People have been quite the talk of quite a few towns for well over a year now. Earlier last month (IT’S ACTUALLY AUGUST NOW, WHAT THE HELL), these noiseniks released an EP in form of Rain Tears via our buddies over at Friends vs. Records. They’ve not, however, been sitting on their hands waiting for things to just happen all by themselves; the year has been used rather productively, having seen the band remixing all kinds of tunes by artists ranging from Morning Parade to The Wombats, plus numerous gig and DJ appearances in an impossible amount of venues to name individually in one page update. Festivals are very much part of this lot’s agenda, and you can catch them at Burning Man and/or V Festival this month, should you feel so inclined. To celebrate everything that is good and proper about Get People, these lovely lads have made fan-fave Colour (or Color to our American chums) available for free download. Which conveniently you can grab from the link below. Fans of Delorean and Tears For Fears, and good music in general, will be happy as larry to get their mits on this sweet soundbite…

[Click here to download “Colour” for diddly-squat!]



We’ve gone positively mental over digging out our Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine video tapes (oddly enough we do still possess the means by which to play this now-dated format; why don’t people see them in the same way as they see vinyl? Because they’re shite, that’s why) since Blood & Biscuits sent an advance copy of the forthcoming Deco EP from LA2019 to our gratefully-receptive inbox. As a stark coinky-dink, our special ladyfriend was out of the country for a solid week, and so this seemed an appropriate time to get our geek on. Obviously we wouldn’t produce such socially-damning artefacts under normal circumstances, mainly as we’re not really allowed by the pre-defined conventions we found ourselves imprisoned in at school and a bit of university; this is despite personal assertions that Star Trek is pretty much like The Hills, except set in space and just way better. If like us you’re into your Gene Roddenberry and John Carpenter-penned soundtracks, a la Escape From New York and/or Attack On Precinct 13, or, perhaps for solid musical references, a bit of Caribou mixed with the distorted power-bassiness of Dom, you will most certainly be pleased to the Nth degree with our latest MPFree offering, Explosions, which just so happens to be the last track on the aforementioned EP, and which itself is released on the aforementioned label on 15th August 2011. Make it so, engage, and on screen.

[Click here to download “Explosions” for diddly-squat!]


The Operators

If you didn’t notice us banging on hard about one of our very favourite new alt-pop acts The Operators over the course of the last three months or so, then either we’re not doing our jobs properly or you’re just a TOURIST here on the mighty Killing Moon site. Either way, it’s not really your fault, and we/you have a chance to make it up for it, right here right now. Aside from stepping up to the proverbial plate supporting our boys in Strangers next week at The Wheelbarrow, these mighty men from the Isle Of Wight have made available a ridiculously-good remix of the track Careless, courtesy of the pop-production turned hit-makers outfit Your Hands Music. Reach for the lazers and prepare to fucking dance. Be sure to check out the respective vids below for Tonight and them rocking out generally at this year’s Isle Of Wight Festival.

[Click here to download “Careless (Your Hands Alternative Mix)” for diddly-squat!]



There’s not much we know about Forgold, other than what his preceeding reputation has informed us of – inherently ungoogle-able and unfacebook-able (all we get when we type in the name is a worrying amount of Cash4Gold links…), his remix repertoire to date is possibly the most intimidating we have ever seen, counting Foe, Pete Lawrie, and The Milk among the ranks. Pretty stern stuff, we think you’ll agree. So imagine our delight when this enigmatic musical entity descended upon us from the sonic heavens presenting to us a remix from the latest artist to join the Killing Moon family, [Strangers], and more specifically an ambient rendition of the soon-to-be-released It Was A Sin. The track is streamable via SoundCloud, but we convinced the guy (if indeed it is a guy) to make the tune available for free download, which you can now do in exchange for an email address below. Pretty neat, huh?

[Click here to download “It Was A Sin (Forgold Remix)” for diddly-squat!]

[Strangers] – It Was A Sin (Forgold Remix)



We first brought you word of LA-via-Florida’s premier electronic noise manipulator Kauf when we heard their Cure-esque tune Relocate, which left us with an intrinsic feeling of dread combined with the need to slow dance to it. Mr. Kaufman has since been back in touch to let us know about his follow up release, When You’re Out, which he has kindly offered up for a freebie download. Taking a more lounge-lizard approach to a club track, this little beauty is coursing its way across the blogs as we write this, and allows the listener to experience a more euphoric and trancey side to what the man is capable of providing. In other news, Kauf has holed himself up in an LA-based studio, busy writing and recording for what will be an EP release in the autumn and/or fall. Plus, he’s done got a band together. We wait for annoucement of shows with baited breath…

[Click here to download “When You’re Out” for diddly-squat!]



We have, for the last 6 months or so, been consistently engaged in conversation with a certain flannel-shirt wearing bearded member of an as-of-yet unnamed band in Ealing about what makes a good band name (we’ll leave it to your intuition as to possibly why this is our chosen subject matter). This is one of the many reasons why we greatly appreciate AlunaGeorge; a band name composite of the first names of the two actual members that sounds both catchy and original. The same is very true of the music they create as well, being solid pop tunes combined with dubstep pace and rhythm – this has since become known as PopStep (see what we did there?? GENIUS!). With pending release in the form of double-A side single Analyser/We Are Chosen ready to drop hard on 2nd May of this very year, Aluna and George have treated us, and you incidentally, to a free download of storming US Skins-placed electro-pop number Disobey. We would be more than happy to get down with this particular fever on their dancefloor anytime.

[Click here to download “Disobey” for diddly-squat!]


Team Me

Team Me are a big deal in Norway, which as a startling coinky-sink happens to be where they’re from. Dominating the festival scene over there last year, including the flag-bearer of them all Øya Festival, they have found the time in-between hard gigging and music industry schmoozing to record five songs from the production hands of one Tom McFall, who previously has gotten his mitts into bands such as REM, Bloc Party and Snow Patrol. They’ve then taken the drastic step of arranging the songs into a coherent order, creating a master copy of the order of these songs, mass producing copies of this master, getting some artwork and liner notes in, and then packaging it all up into a shiny new eponymous EP for all you peeps to lap up when it hits the streets on 4th April. In the run up to that, they’ve been picked out by indie stalwarts British Sea Power and The Wombats to support both on their respective UK tours in coming months, as well as a little festival by the sea taking place this year in May called The Great Escape. You can download a track from this EP below, Dear Sister – we think it’s a fantastic tune and a sign of good things to come for this particularly unique band as they begin to cement themselves in the position of one of the best new bands of the year.

[Click here to download “Dear Sister” for diddly-squat!]


Jon Fratelli

DUH NUH-NUH DUH NUH-NUH DUNNAH-DUNNAH-DUNNAH-NUH. You remember that indie/football anthem that had you acting like a drunken baffoon (well, let’s face it, you probably were BEING a drunken baffoon at the time), or perhaps the time you were raving it up to The Fratellis Pyramid stage afternoon slot at Glastonbury a couple of years back, throwing your hands in the air like you simply did not care? Whether you loved them or could not bloomin’ stand them, the purveyor of Chelsea Dagger is back with former Fratellis frontman Jon Fratelli starting up his solo effort with the tastefully named Rhythm Doesn’t Make You A Dancer, recorded with his old producer-buddy Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, Depeche Mode……. The Fratellis….). Unsurprisingly, it sounds a fair bit like the man’s former outfit; stretching this out a bit further, he sounds like Kelly Jones of Stereophonics fame. We kinda like it for its serious-yet-jolly rock semantics. Download below and see what you think.

[Click here to download “Rhythm Doesn’t Make You A Dancer” for diddly-squat!]


Alex Winston

Starlet for 2011 ahoy! They do come thick and fast, don’t they? If you’re starting to get slightly dissillusioned by the sheer quantity of bands you need to hear to live/one’s to watch/rising pop star in the making/blah blah blah, then perhaps Detroit soulstress Alex Winston can help you out a bit. She’s spent some quality time in the studio with production duo The Knocks over the last year in preparation to release debut mini-album (we heard somewhere that this is what they call albums with all the crap bits taken out), which be called Sister Wife. Alongside this she’s found the time to gig a fair bit – a Notting Hill Arts Club showcase here, an opening slot for Chuck Berry there – and she’s about to touch down in the UK for the second time for a run that includes New To Q and NME shows. How ducky. She’s also made the title track from the mini-album free for download, which you can, as always, grab from here. Boom.

[Click here to download “Sister Wife” for diddly-squat!]


Trophy Wife

Lately Oxford has been providing a steady flow of some of the most innovative music to prick the ears of the ever-consuming public. Following in the footsteps of Shire natives and recent touring buddies Foals are Trophy Wife, who make dance-orienated guitar-led and airey-vocalled tunes which no doubt will have the kids going batshit crazy come festival season. Currently these boys are on the road again, this time with Esben & The Witch, and to celebrate this fact they’ve teamed up with London noisenik James Yuill, who has given their feet-stomping tune The Quiet Earth a decent fiddle. You can download the resultant work below. Prettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay good.

[Click here to download “The Quiet Earth (James Yuill Remix) for diddly-squat!]



Sparkadia is young East Londoner/Australianer/Berliner/Stockholmer/New Yorker/LA’er Alex Burnett and has been sending buzzy waves left right and centre for a while now. His glitzy musical endeavours are about to find fruition in the form of his debut release through newly-formed Gold Dust Records, through which a single, Mary, shall be unleashed on 14th February in the form of a limited 7″ vinyl.  This be followed by a launch for the aforementioned single on 16th February, presumably at the clubnight of the aforementioned label, so expect soulful electro-poppy vibes comin’ at ya from this angle. If you simply cannot wait that amount of time, we’ve got a super cool free download of this bad boy right here for youse.

[Click here to download “Mary” for diddly-squat!]


The Get Up Kids

We gots lots of love for the mighty Get Up Kids. It all started in Year 7 or 8, which seems like a billion years ago right now, when our buddy-mate Ralph played Something To Write Home About in between playback sessions consisting mainly of The Verve, Symposium and Ash (probably). Cited as pioneers of pop-punk and recipients of the occasional emo-tag, we were devastated with the news that the Kansas City gang had split due to generally being knackered. Subsequently we were delighted when we learned they had reformed and went on to witness triumphant returning gigs at the Electric Ballroom and then the Underworld. We remember the first one especially as it’s the first time we instigated a conga line at a gig to the tune of  fan-favourite Holiday. Our free download today consists of new effort Shatter Your Lungs – certainly a different vibe coming from this camp, a somewhat cheeky strutting number with a lot of loud distorted bass and pinging keys. Well worth a listen.

[Click here to download “Shatter Your Lungs” for diddly-squat!]


The Lionheart Brothers

In case you didn’t know, The Lionheart Brothers are Marcus, Frantz, Audun, Fred and Morton. They’re from Oslo. Going steady since 2004, the band claimed some fame with their third long-player, Dizzy Kiss, promoting the band to the forefront of the indie-psychedelia and causing stirs and pricking ears in the UK as well as their native Norway. They toured the record pretty hard – for two years, to be precise. After a noticeable break (as per the band’s own words, “The sources was empty and the musical depression was increasingly lurking in the backs of our heads”)  and three years onwards, the band have a great deal to prove following the announcement of their as-of-yet untitled 4th studio effort due for release this year. In the meantime, the chaps have made a new track The Desert available for free download, and have even gone to the bother of shooting a video for the very same tune. Download this track in all its whacked-out, psyched-up, sitar-littered glory.

[Click here to download “The Desert” for diddly squat!]



Our favourite Gallic-Brightonian has been having a busy and productive festive break, churning out some meaty remixes whilst simultaneously attempting to break the current UK record for consuming the greatest volume of Miso soup in one sitting. While this time serves as a build up to the pending recording of Skies’ first release over the next couple of months, simple public demand via streaming a recent remix of Katy Perry on his soundcloud page prompted the lad to make the track available for free download. Somewhat conveniently we’re also making it available for said download here. Skies has also put together a solid dance mix of Twin Shadow’s I Can’t Wait, which you can also hear below. J’eah.

[Click here to download “Firework (Skies Remix)” for diddly-squat!]

Twin Shadow – I Can’t Wait (Skies Remix)


Kyla La Grange

Kyla’s been a one to watch for us for nearly a year now, having witnessed her solo acoustic efforts at the Communion nights at Notting Hill Arts Club with all the other raaaaaaa’s. After that time simmering under the noses of the music industry movers and shakers, Kyla done got herself a full live band which served not only to attract a wider audience but also to build upon the loyal fanbase she’s already assembled, who were suitably wowed by the end result, being her smokey brand of indie pop-rock coupled with Kyla’s airy ethereal vocals. Fast-forwarding a year and she’s done pretty, pretty good – some tours here, some big supports there. Now she’s gearing up for the biggie that is South By South West 2011 by releasing a double A-side single Walk Through Walls / Courage, which is out on 7th March, just ahead of her bash in Austin. What’s doubly great about this is that we have Walk Through Walls downloadable right ‘ere for free. Get on it.

[Click here to download “Walk Through Walls” for diddly-squat!]



A fitting first MPFree for the new year comes from a new, somewhat enigmatic producer-artist duo known only to us as Offenders. There ain’t no myspace, facebook, bandcamp or soundcloud yet that you can sneak a peak at these dudes, so don’t bother. Here’s what we do know about this lot: they’re both well-regarded DJs/Producers in their own right; they played a main stage slot at last year’s Underage Festival in Viccy Park; they both wear spectacles. We’ve been priviliged enough to hear the initial workings from these dudes deep in the concrete jungle known as Acton several months ago and since then have had them on repeat. While the project is ongoing, the buddy-boys have offered up a rather splendid remix of The Naked And Famous’ Punching In A Dream as a free download. While there’s obviously no visual representation as of yet, we simply typed “offenders” into youtube, which came up with something to do with convicted paedophiles – this we consider a little bit rich for everyone’s taste considering most of us are back at work now, so we went for the world-famous hardcore punk band The Offender’s chart-topping anthem I Hate Myself instead. Enjoy!

[Click here to download “Punching In A Dream (Offenders Magic Edit)” for diddly-squat!]


Ali Love

Reknowned buddy-of-Chemical-Brothers Ali (“Chemical Ali”?) is back on the scene and set to be bigger than a bread box following the drop of his much-anticipated debut long player effort Love Harder on 6th December 2010. To celebrate actually getting the bugger to see the light of day, those kind folk over at Backyard Recordings, the same dudes who brought you the debut long player effort from a little band from back in the day called The Gossip, have made freely available the first single lifted from the album, entitled Moscow Girl, as well as a fantastic remix from rising Belgian duo Mustang. Rumour has it Ali’s preparing gearing up for a UK tour in 2011, which will feature “Tron-like dancers” giving it some  bootay-twang. We can hardly wait.

[Click here to download “Moscow Girl” for diddly-squat]

[Click here to download “Moscow Girl (Mustang Remix)” for diddly-squat]


Media Circus

Epic-rock four piece Media Circus first caught our attention and subsequently invaded our ear drums in late 2009, after we learned on good authority that they are the most popular stadium quartet in Ringwood. A marvellous accolade, we’re sure you’ll agree. Subsequent merits were earned following thoroughly impressive shows in and around Camden and Shoreditch, and if you’re smart you’ll get yourself down to witness their U2-tinged indie jams before they really start hitting the stadiums. Check out what we mean below.

[Click here to download “Cold Light” for diddly-squat]


The Bridport Dagger

Hailing from Whitechapel are doomy-blues trio The Bridport Dagger. Sitting comfortably personal Killing Moon faves Belgrade and The Locarnos (RIP), this outfit mix up Editors-style vocals with Dan Sartain-psychobilly pop to conjure up images of losing one’s mind at the bottom of a Sailor Jerry’s bottle. After being championed by Artrocker and NME, the band were also recipients of the Best Discovery accolade from The Observer following their set at this years’ Offset Festival. Dem’s good.

[Click here to download “Dangling Man” for diddly-squat]


The Milk


ssex boys The Milk have charged themselves with “bringing White Boy Soul to the 21st Century” (hence the name, presumably). Some time ago, whilst mid-transit to a gig on the M1, this group of lads realised that, somehow, mysteriously, punk had died. Which was a bit inconvenient for a budding punk band. So they split up. Then they reformed again, this time taking Motown, Stax and Trojan Records into their loving bossom and churning out some very soulful tunes thats got many-an-industry-bod excited. Check out their nifty Toots & The Maytals cover below.

[Click here to download “54 46 Was My Number” for diddly-squat]


A Classic Education

Truly a band of international proportions – A Classic Education is comprised of Canadian singer/guitar-slinger Jonathan Clancy and his motley crew of Italian instrumentalists. The build up behind these guys has been steady, but by no means slow: supports and general big-ups from the likes of Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, Lightspeed Champion, Hot Club De Paris and Fanfarlo don’t happen by sheer coinky-dink. Indeed, yesteryear these dudes were voted as giving the best performance at SXSW 2009 by SPIN Magazine and Brooklyn Vegan. With an EP release, Hey There Stranger, pending through the Lefse label on 21st September, the guys have served us up with a storming first track off the EP, which you can download at your leisure below.

[Click here to download “Gone To Sea” for diddly-squat]


Club Smith

Think we’ve whittled on about this band from t’north quite a lot over the last week or two, so we’ll spare you the blurb on how wicked-cool they are, making waves with their flavoursome emotive indie-rock (ooooh, see what we did there?). Instead we have a double-download-whammy for you today, with Club Smith‘s own personal fave Causing Doubt with a remix from Russell-from-Bloc Party’s DJ outfit Copilots for free download below. Have a listen.

[Click here to download “Causing Doubt” for diddly-squat]

[Click here to download Copilots’ “NFOM” remix for diddly-squat]



Secretly Canadian don’t get much wrong these days, and if their latest signings, Montreal’s Suuns, are anything to go by, it sure don’t look as if the trend’s gonna buck itself any time soon. They used to be called Zeroes, but then got shut down by the fuzz. We much prefer Suuns anyhoo, mainly because for us they represent the next logical step in experimental electro-indie pioneering since Yeasayer dropped Odd Blood earlier this year. They’ve kindly released an entire 6-track EP, aptly named Zeroes, which is downloadable for nowt below. Expect to hear a lot more from these dudes in early 2011.

[Click here to download “Zeroes EP” for diddly-squat]


Philadelphia Grand Jury

Almost Gold was lucky enough to catch the Philly Jays a seeming-eon ago (well, in May)  when they tipped up with Earth Wind & Fire drummerererer Sonny Stitt and completely packed out Madam Jojos, playing the opening slot before Yuck and Best Coast. Now, that, ladies and gentleman, was a show. The Australian outfit, headed up by prolific duo MC Bad Genius and Berkfinger, have rather nicely given up The New Neil Young as a free download, ahead of their massive world tour and a forthcoming release on folk-label Communion.

[Click here to download “The New Neil Young” for diddly-squat]



So long as bands like Chappo exist, there is hope for music. Listen to this little slice of summery goodness called Come Home, the psych-garage anthem of 2010, then kick back and enjoy life. Beck and Flaming Lips, eat your hearts out.

[Click here to download “Come Home” for diddly-squat]


The Sleeping Bags

Let’s face it – the vast majority of those working in the global music industry mainly wish they were in a band, or at least playing semi-pro for a conference football team. You’ve might have heard us banging on about how much we love the film Almost Famous? That pretty much is the synopsis of that film. The Sleeping Bags is the offshoot project of one Matt Kivel (who, while he’s not touring the world, is a noted rock writer in his native Los Angeles), who you may have seen sexing up people’s lives in the UK recently with his main outfit Princeton. While the latter is quality US indie rock, the former is superb dream-pop. Cantaloupe is a great track from a very exciting new act, and it will be available to buy from 16th August as a split 7″ single with Mystery Claws from Jodie & Victor

[Click here to download “Cantaloupe” for diddly-squat]



We’ve been banging on about Breton_ for godknowshowlong now (well, maybe a month or two). They’re really rather good, and given the sheer amount of effort that went into making the physical copies of their second Extended Player (which, incidentally, can be purchased HERE (physically) and HERE (digitally), this is a band that you really should be checking out right about now. The boys clad in black have been kind enough to donate epic number The Well to our MPFree’s section, with all it’s thunderous rhythms and anthemic lyrics included free of charge. Download and be blown away.

[Click here to download “The Well” for diddly-squat]


Stars & Sons

There are many cool things about Brighton. The Great Escape. Rock sweets. Big ol’ gay clubs. Fish and chips. Kelwen Cooke’s funny face. Belushi’s (especially when Dane Bowers is spinning the good shit, and it’s £1 a drink).

On a far more serious note, Stars & Sons boasts a line up featuring the delightfully soothing and far-reaching vocals of the cool king of geekiness Mike Lord, who rather interestingly used to be a proper bin man. Let’s just say he’s seen some things. The guys have nicely donated the samba-tinged Fights Already Fought for the readers of Killing Moon Limited’s sonic pleasure. We think its a storming track. Enjoy.

[Click here to download “Fights Already Fought” for diddly squat]


Huw Costin

Huw’s from Nottingham. He used to front the sensationally-named Earth The Californian Love Dream, who brought us numerous greats, such as Girls Fighting and Smoke Crack Fuck Whores. Then he went all solo, spewing forth the rather well-received first effort Regrets in December 2009. Sitting comfortably between contemporaries Jeff Buckley, we were fortunate enough to get our greasy mitts on a brand spanking new recording by this songwriting maestro. Enjoy.

[Click here to download “Move To The City” for diddly squat]


Francis & The Lights

A wise man once said “Wear the eyepatch, Brett. Wear the funky, funky eyepatch”. The man in question was addressing the need to throw people off balance when it comes to impressing the world at large with one’s music. Fuck em up, so to speak. Today’s free download is from New York’s Francis & The Lights, who feature the Ray Charles’-esque vocal styling of Francis Farewell Starlite, and churn out songs that wouldn’t sound amiss on the soundtrack for Beverly Hills Cop or Brewster’s Millions. Which is fantastic in our opinion. They also have two live drummers. That’s a lot funkier than an eyepatch.

[Click here to download “Tap The Phone” for diddly-squat]


Morning Parade

First up on our latest free-giveaways section is Essex’s Morning Parade. We were hooked by the hectic 5-piece since hearing indie-club anthem A&E on the office stereo virtually on repeat (until we got told off). Having recently been snapped up for a cheeky record deal by Parlophone Records in recent months, the guys have donated Marble Attic as a little taster of what they’re currently up to in t’studio.

[Click here to download “Marble Attic” for diddly-squat]

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