[Track Of The Day: Howlin’ Lord “You Again”]

We’re in a rush right now. We can’t think of any mildly amusing anecdotes to fill in the first half of this feature to gently lead you into an explanation as to why in particular we’re digging today’s featured track. We also haven’t eaten much today, nor have we drank the bazillion gallons of water … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Sunless “Love Like ’97”]

We are writing this from bed. That’s right kids, Uncle Killing Moon has a bad back, bad legs, bad neck – essentially all the bads that are derived from too much running around in the park (especially one that is pretty much a hill), and not enough warm ups/downs. More fool we. Never mind. The … Continue reading


Been a pretty varied Easter break thus far, a mixed bag if you will. Highlights include the glorious sunshine, in contrast with the prettaaaay shittaaaaay thunderstorm that took hold of London’s skies yesterday evening, which allowed for a number of actionable outdoor-based activities, including (but not limited to) epic beer garden sessions; barbeques in a … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Book Affair “The Dark Passenger”]

Guess what we did last night? Yeah, we had a meat and chips from City Kebab eventually, but guess what else we did? We went along to Islington Academy to see Sugarcult. Yep, Bouncing Off The Walls, Los Angeles, all those mega pop-punk hits that the cooler amongst you probably don’t know – there we … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Reptar “Houseboat Babies”]

Today could not more resemble an episode of America’s Next Top Model if it personified itself as a cross-dressing runway coach and clicked its fingers every two seconds while simultaneously giving it all “nuh UH girlfriend”. For today was full of something that could be loosely termed Go-Sees. Up bright and early, we visited a … Continue reading

[Introducing…Grandfather Birds]

This weekend was a lesson on learning how to not spend money. Okay, we’ve already managed to trip up on our own bullshit with the first sentence right there. We blew over £80 on Friday night, attributable to the early curfew set for the Rival Schools/And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Fences “Girls With Accents”]

As we write this, we are watching a BBC documentary on the late Alex “Hurricane” Higgins – for the non-snooker inclined of you (we’re borderline – like football, we couldn’t tell you the name of every single player from Premiership through to Conference level, but we understand the rules and appreciate the skills involved), this … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Kauf “Relocate”]

“The longer the note, the more dread”, so said Super Hans of seminal student fly-on-the-wall-of-your-brains-inner-workings comedy series Peep Show. In terms of music composition, we wholeheartedly agree. Back in our youth (well, relative youth, although we’re not sure at which point you’re officially designated “old”. Possibly when you start a self-indulgent music blog?), at the … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: The Low Suns “Never Gonna Care”]

Now, this is a bit spesh. A couple of days ago, we received an email containing information regarding our new Track Of The Day addressed to “Michael”. Now, we’ve been called many things, but Michael is a new one. Thankfully we opted not to forward said email to one of the two chaps named Michael … Continue reading

[Interview: Loui Rose]

  The dulcet and quite frankly stunning tones and vocals from singer-songwriter hotshot Loui Rose were first conveyed across to us via a series of youtube videos, which portrayed the 21-year-old Southamptoniser in a number of outdoor settings with her chum/collaborator Sam Dixon, shooting the proverbial shit and laying down some serious jams with nothing … Continue reading