[Introducing…The Chain Gang of 1974]

Certain pedestrians on the mean streets of West London are in denial. You know who you are. The absolute bastards who defy the seemingly endless barrage of rain, rows of grey skies, and the every-growing lethargy that sets in this month just before the clocks go forwards/backwards/upwards/downwards, by going around in their shorts, shades, tshirts … Continue reading

[Introducing…Young Buffalo]

Young Buffalo require your immediate attention. You may have heard the Oxford (Mississippi) trio making some internet sonic waves way back in August last year when they released their superb debut demo effort Catapilah, followed by some volcanic shows at SXSW 2009. Since then the lads have been buried away doing what bands are supposed … Continue reading

[Book: Hilarious Consequences by Babak Ganjei]

We love Babak. He plays in Absentee and Wet Paint, both of which make toe-tappingly good music to chill out to. Being such a band veteren in these modern times, Babak wrote a book/graphic novel called Hilarious Consequences. What’s it all about? Babak says “a story about juggling creative pursuits whilst attempting to grow up, … Continue reading


1995 was a substantial year. Yahoo was incoporated; the Tokyo subway attacks happened; Richey Edwards goes AWOL from the Manic Street Preachers; Christopher Reeve knackers his back; South Africa win the Rugby Union World Cup; and Microsoft give us Windows ’95. It is fitting that a band named 1995 should also be deemed “substantial”, in … Continue reading

[Track of The Day: Mopp “Dream About You”]

MOPP.’s latest effort reminds us of trancey Ibiza nights and Human Traffic. Big time. Big tune.

[Introducing…The Cast of Cheers]

Killing Moon has never been able to sit through an entire episode of Cheers. The closest we came to doing so was a Disney Christmas Special back in the late 80′s, where Mickey Mouse goes AWOL (presumed dead;  more specifically done in by Donald Duck), and ol’ Mick is seen downing some suds and chatting … Continue reading

[Festival: LeeFest 2010]

In outline, in case you didn’t know already, LeeFest is run by a guy called Lee, who started said festival in his parents garden. Full-time LAD and compadre Ben Lowe went to LeeFest this year. Here’s how he got on.

[Track of The Day: The Thermals “I Don’t Believe You”]

As long as there are bands like The Thermals around, there is still hope for music.

[Festival: Bestival 2010]

It was suggested that 1 in every 1000 of Bestival revellers at this year’s event were dressed as either Mario or Luigi. We wish we knew that before blowing £40 on the buggers at Escapades in Camden. The first rule about Festival Club is – you don’t set up your tent in the darkness of … Continue reading

[Track of The Day: Middle Class Rut “All Walks Of Life”]

Killing Moon has successfully managed to miss seeing The Rut live for the past two years. This has only served to make the wound a bit saltier, seeing as they are playing live this very evening at London’s Scala, and we’re still a bit fucked from Bestival. If you go down, let us know how … Continue reading