[Interview: The Divers]

    Things seem to have skyrocketed for our favourite indie rock lads The Divers since we last plonked them up on this-here bloggington . Back then, they were Pete Hickman and The Divers. Presumably our guy Pete has decided that diving was very much his thing and instead of standing on the forefront and/or sidelines … Continue reading

[Interview: Jade Hopcroft]

  The past two years may well go down in the history books of irrelevant-trivia-in-the-large-scheme-of-things-but-still-pretty-interesting (it’s a working title in progress for now, so don’t nick our bloody ideas) as the bit where singer-songwriters of the lady variety basically rose up and destroyed all the competition. Let’s look at the roll of honour so far … Continue reading

[Interview: Kodaline]

  Let’s be honest – we thought Kodaline were gonna be metal when we first heard the name being mentioned hither and tither on the proverbial musical grapevine. We made this arrogant assumption on the basis that we synonymise the emphatic use of the letter K with, well, Korn. Imagine the look of surprise on … Continue reading

[Interview: Olympic Swimmers]

  It feels like a bloody lifetime since we initially bigged up Glasgae’s premier dreamy power-indie outfit Olympic Swimmers right here on the Killing Moon bloggington. Or maybe just a lot has happened since May. Great Escape for example, that happened. Summer happened. We can remember specifics of what happened in the summer, but it … Continue reading

[Interview: Cinnamon Girl]

  A fair few bits and bobs have been going down with Camilla Roholm before, since and after we were lucky enough to premiere her sophomore track Friends a little while back. And by that, we mean she’s assembled a rather neat group of online followers and bloggy plaudits such as this one, even reaching … Continue reading

[Interview: Escapists]

    London’s Escapists have clearly come some way since we saw them at a rammed Laissez Faire Club show at the Macbeth at the very start of 2011. Well, we say “saw them”; the fact is we were hanging out with our tallest buddy in the world Mischa Pearlman and therefore spending a good … Continue reading

[Interview: The Kill Van Kulls]

  You may well be thinking (if you care enough), what on earth are these idiots doing at 1am on a Thursday night doing blog shite for? Why do they do it? Well, quite simply ladies and gentledudes, it’s because we care, but also we promised a mate that we’d do this before Friday. And … Continue reading

[Interview: Tom Kills]

  Tom Kills is not a normal person. Of course, that pre-determines the notion that normality isn’t something that constantly evolves at any particular moment in time or is even definable in any context; but if normality was indeed something akin to a golden yellow brick road heading toward an emerald city, then our guy … Continue reading

[Interview: Sarah Williams White]

  It is a well-known fact (as brilliantly pointed out by Gob and Franklin from Arrested Development) that life is really not that easy. It’s all too common to hear, borderlining on the clichéd but with good reason, that one’s self awareness of how ostensibly good they are with regards to a certain talent they … Continue reading

[Interview: Being There]

  We are of the opinion that great new indie bands are generally getting younger. Having said that, we should emphasise that age isn’t, or rather shouldn’t be, a material consideration when analysing music on its own merits (try telling The National, Elbow or The Hold Steady that they’ll never gain recognition on the basis of … Continue reading