[Competish: Win 1234 Festival and Deezer Stuff]

  Hot diggity-doo-dah-day, do we ever have a sweet, sweet competition for you chaps to tuck into today. Let us break it down for ya. The 1234 Festival (in association with Deezer) takes place in London’s Shoreditch Park on Saturday 1st September. You with us so far? Yeah? Jeah. At this festival, being a music … Continue reading

[Live: The Great Escape 2012]

Friends at Great Escape. Clearly, she had just consumed a blue Slush Puppy. So, as promised, here’s the full, official-like, far-more-professional-than-the-ramblings-we-noted-down review from Killing Moon’s Georgina Langford. Quite frankly, we’re amazed at the attention to detail Georgina’s managed to bundle in to this bad boy, especially as we have it on good authority (i.e. from … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Olympic Swimmers “A Curse Or A Blessing”]

  Goddamn, organising festival stages is hard man. We mean, man, everyone wants something literally all the time, don’t they? And they save it all up till after they’re good and boozed and needy after the bank holiday weekend, don’t they? The bastards. We’re pretty much one of “they”, but still. A solicitor buddy recently … Continue reading

[Live: SXSW 2012]

  I’m writing this partly because I enjoyed SXSW, but mostly because I want to wind up Achal for not being there. Bwahaha. SORRY MATE. Anyway, this was my first trip to Texas and I didn’t even have time to play Cowboys and Indians. Pretty gutted.   [KM: We dunno what an Achal is]   … Continue reading

[Festival: Killing Moon Limited Announces Stages for The Great Escape 2012]

  That’s right. We’re not messing around any more. We’ve been blabbing on about how much we love Brighton long enough; for a similar amount of time, we’ve been banging on about how much we arse the annual party on the beach/three-day bender that is The Great Escape. The line up this year looks set … Continue reading

[Live: Bestival, Robin Hill (Isle Of Wight), 8-11/9/11]

Last weekend, this intrepid Killing Moon reporter saw a couple renew their wedding vows in a blow up church, done aerobics with Mr Motivator, and witnessed a burlesque dancer hula hoop a ring of fire to, erm, ‘Ring of Fire’. In her pants. And that was just Saturday afternoon…welcome to Bestival. Bestival: Welcome to the … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Apollo’s Arrows “Passenger Announcement”]

Wikipedia, that source of in-depth and seemingly-endless amounts of knowledge (highly censored and/or regulated by the individuals or organisations that the information itself relates to, of course), defines “math rock” as the following; “…rhythmically complex guitar-based style of experimental rock that emerged in the 1980s and that was very influenced by Progressive Rock like King … Continue reading

[Festival: Bestival 2011]

  Having returned from the mighty Reading Festival after being in attendence for the just the Friday, we’re very aware of the fact that the British summertime, along with all the festivities and other brand-sponsored musical events that it brings, is coming to a rather abrupt end; a bit like a few other things going … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Curxes “Creatures”]

  We actively tried to NOT go to Reading Festival this year. Setting aside the fact we have been going for the last 11 consecutive years to a festival commonly associated with GCSE and/or A-Level finishers (boy oh boy did we rinse those first three four sessions), like most 20-somethings-going-prematurely-grey in this Sugar-certified tough economic … Continue reading

[Competish: Win Two Guestlist Places To Standon Calling 2011]

Pssssst. You. Yeah, you, indie kid. How many festivals ya been to this year so far? The national average for the late teens to mid 30’s? Three or four? Shit man, that’s heavy, you must be pretty cool. Well, you know what else would be cool? How’s about we send you to one of the … Continue reading