[Track Of The Day: Baby Strange “Get By Me”]

Baby Strange


Good lord. We are staying in tonight, we tell thee. Sure, we may well have promised all and/or sundry that we’d finally have that planning meeting; we’d see that show; or sort out that catch up that we’ve been talking about for, oh, all that time. Well, to those things, to fuck they can get. It’s all about deadlines at the moment. Deadlines and more ruddy Christmas parties throughout the week. We sound like we’re complaining, but really we’re just prioritising. We actually really like being sociable. We like drinking other people’s booze, eating their food, and marrying their women. We also like to sleep, occasionally, but to be honest that’s not at all likely to happen until the very end of this year. The only way out of our self-imposed predicament is to literally keep moving. We’re a bit like a shark in that way; if we stop, we’ll probably die. Helping encourage us along the way is doomy guitar lot Baby Strange and their ear-blasting Track Of The Day Get By Me. They be from Glasgae. There is an element of surfiness to them, but in a sense that you have to imagine Frankenstein’s monster making a surf board out of human skulls and taking that bad-boy out for a spin in a swamp environment that’s had a groovy-ghoolie wave machine fitted in somehow. Moreover, we’re getting visions of Stone Roses copulating with Pavement and spawning a child that looks like a little wrong’un version of Wide Eyed. We’re hooked.


Baby Strange – Get By Me



Take that. And that.


Baby Strange – Want It/Need It



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