[Track Of The Day: Cayucas “Cayucos”]



Our mumma has recently told us once that we need to periodically, between rounds at our seemingly-endless onslaught of festive or otherwise-celebratory merriments this month, drink water. She will probably tell us twice. However our mumma would be proud of us today as we actually took heed of this sage advice, and this is how we’re able to function in a manner that operates in the vacinity of normality on this strangely-bleak Sunday afternoon. Sure, we pulled a 4am’er on the mean streets of Dalston with some old pals who we really haven’t seen for so long and we need to change that aspect of our personal lives (and we really mean it this time guys), and dancing sober is indeed an experience in itself that’s left us admittedly energy-depleted today (someone had to get this bitch moving); however, we’ve got new guys Cayucas spicing up our lives to the point that we are very much up-and-at-em right now. These guys are from Santa Monica; obviously have a propensity towards tropical beats given nomenclature, aesthetic and geographical locality; and have a seven out on Secretly Canadian which in itself makes you cooler than a frozen penguin in the back-bit of a freezer that always becomes overrun by so much freezing power that most men fear to even look at it. So, what are we dealing with here exactly? Eponymousiish release Cayucos (which, given we’re guessing is a slight variation on the band’s name, is a surfer town in the band’s native California that allegedly hasn’t changed in any substantial way since the 1950’s, so we’ve pretty much gotta go see about that at some point) on third or fourth play begins to warp our mind to the point that we’re having visions of Dan Croll rocking up with Fleet Foxes and getting all lairy at a Said The Whale show. There. We said it. And we dig it.


Cayucas – Cayucas



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