[Track Of The Day: Teleman “Cristina”]


If Monday was the day of jubilation, and/or Tuesday was the day of a million fucketh upeths, then today may well go down in the history books as the day that we went completely bloody mental. By that, we mean that we have spent a good hour and a half just now, simultaneously to emailing around in an attempt to spread the good word and noise of Malpas to the masses, helping that larger-than-life bastard over at Just Because assemble a playlist that is composite purely of songs that we deem to belong in the infamous cry-wank genre. Make of that what you will.  Normal functions have now resumed following some precious moments shared with the likes of The Fray and (briefly) Enya, and we turn our otherwise non-distracted attentions to some quality Track Of The Day action. Following a wee stint over at our buddies at Amazing Radio yesterday evening, where we were also pleasured immensely at the sight and presence of Jack Alcopop’s now world-famous beardy face that makes our own effort look like general bumfluff, as is customary we have stolen one of the songs played unto us as a mystery track for the session to pawn off as our very own discovery right here right now. To be fair, we did say at the time we were planning on nicking this for our very own, selfish purposes. Having just said that, The Guardian and those pesky kids over at Skeletory are lightyears ahead of us on current TOTD dudes Teleman. Interestingly, we discovered yesterday evening at the aformentioned Amazing/beardy pleasure session that this band features at least one or several members of the now-defunct Pete & The Pirates; so if, like us, you are drawn in by the sultry, emotive vocals layered all over Cristina, you may well know what’s up as this shit just got real. By way of musical description, we have scrawled down nicely typed up on our delightful iPad that this sounds a bit like The XX, second album-stylee MGMT, and it also reminds us of some new Niteflights demos that we’ve had sent our way recently. We also have written down “perfect for Christmas and/or New Years if you haven’t got a lady. Or a man”. Just as well this is receiving it’s very own release proper through the recently-revived Moshi Moshi singles club (nothing to do with the last sentence, but appropriate nonetheless) on 14th January 2013, preceded by a live outing at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on 18th December 2012. Y’know, if the world hasn’t ended or anything by then, they should both be great.


Teleman – Cristina


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