[Track Of The Day: YUNO “Sunlight”]


We’re heading into Amazing Radio tomorrow for a chat about new music, bands, and stuff. It’s part of the It’s Amazing round-up where they pick a couple of people who work (or “work”, in our case) in the music industry in one capacity or another, and they talk about feelings. Feelings relating to bands that the dudes at Amazing Radio pluck out for vigourous cross-examination and general scrutiny. We’ve done it quite a few times over the last year or so, although not so much recently in the last few months, cos we’ve been “working” and shit. Usually, the after-effect of us being lured into the Edgeware Road-ish studio for another round of supposedly-intellectual commentary and debate on our part is that we take one or several of the acts being played to us at said event, and basically nick ’em. For blogging purposes. That’s really more a testament to the quality of the bands, rather than a damaging blow to our own ability to find anything worth writing about. We mean, we’re pretty good, we guess. Anyway, this time shit’s gonna be different. We’re nicking one of the acts BEFORE the actual show. Getting a drop on Amazing’s asses. More fool they for telling us about some of the bands ahead of the bugger. Jeah. So with that in mind, and added into the mix that – judging by the aesthetic we’ve been meted out with in this instance – that today’s Track Of The Day’er could be the coolest fucking guy we’ve ever seen gracing the blogworld stage, here’s some music by a chap called Yuno. Y’know? Yep, that’s how you’re meant to say it, or at least under all circumstances, that’s how we’re going to say it. This guy operates out of Jacksonville, which is in a big ol’ place called Florida (in the US, in the world, in the universe, etc etc) and has a rather brilliant ability to combine loopy samples and electronic beats and/or other elements with scuzzy lo-fi guitars and distorted vocals. Which roughly translates into good music, by our estimation. He’s been doing this for a spell, and hopefully by now is slowly beginning to be appreciated for this strong approach. From the sounds of things, he’s doing all this in a rather DIY way as well, having recently announced funding of an album via one-of-those fan-funded development platforms called Kickstarter. Just before we go on to describe the music in a bit more detail, let’s all take a moment to observe the tshirts fans will get in return for their heady investment into this fellow, and also as further evidence about our point above regarding just how fucking cool he is:



So, yep. Sounds. Taking into account most of the ramblings we’ve already laid out above, sonically we’re going to say Sunlight and it’s below associates gives flavours along the lines of Cults, Oberhofer, Work DrugsShy Kids, and in homage to some more recent and perhaps more domestic acts (although it’s hard to say who is influencing who here), we’re gonna chuck in Gross Magic and one of our favourite Track Of The Day’ers of last year Circus Sands. Summer incarnate.


YUNO – Sunlight


And the rest. Never forget the rest.


YUNO – You Never Call Me (On The Phone)


YUNO – Thingamajig


YUNO – Disney World


And here be some relative oldies. Still relevant though. Still relevantly brilliant.


YUNO – Frequency


YUNO – Frequency II


YUNO – Birthday Party


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