[Live: Dave Hause/Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun/Billy Bragg/Frank Turner/Crazy Arm, Camden Barfly, 12/4/12]

  Twas the night before Wembley, and all through the bar, Stood plaid-clad sweaty men, in awe of guitars. There is not much that I allow to disrupt my weekly Gossip Girl session.  However, I am pretty pleased I permitted last week’s phone interlude [Ed: essentially, I had called Cara up in a panic as … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Zoo Zero “Green Apples”]

  Bit ill today chaps. This may have something to do with burning at both ends for a ridiculously prolonged space of time. Or walking around East and North London in the cold-ass rain for quite a bit. Or bumping into and hugging Gary Lancaster last night. Or all three, who knows. Either way, we’re … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: E 4 Echo “Through The Looking Glass”]

  The fuck’s up with this weather dudes? As a synonym to the latest meteorological oddity to occupy the skies of London leading to the emergence of various brollies as if they had been hibernating for the early summer we were somewhat stupidly expecting to stay forever, as far as our workload is concerned, today … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Palma Violets “Unknown”]

  Ohhhhh, music business. Why are you such a complete and utter bastard? Why do you play up to nearly every possible cliché laid out in music biz fictional works like in Almost Famous and, yes, Kill Your Friends? A long-overdue catch up with a former colleague/boss/non-bearded gentleman (what do you call people who you … Continue reading

[Release: Bluebell Announce Single Through Killing Moon Records]

“Symphonic pop gorgeousness” – The Guardian “The kind of massive pop hooks we want to get real friendly with” – Neon Gold “A triumph of bold orchestral-pop and dark, delicate melody and vocal hooks” – The 405 London duo Bluebell will release debut double a-side single Normal Heights/Cinderella on 11th June 2012 through Killing Moon. … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Pete Hickman & The Divers “A Little Better”]

  Weird-ass weekend peeps. We’ve been relatively inactive since, oh, 12.30am on Satruday morning following a very rudimentary DJ set in-between watching live sets from pretty young things Violet and personal heroes Cheatahs at the wonderfully-named Power Lunches venue in Dalston, following an extraordinary meeting of minds just prior to that between ourselves and a … Continue reading

[Interview: Arp Attack]

  How do you break out of support-slot-land to cross the closely-guarded border into headline-slot-country? Southampton’s Arp Attack might not only know the answer to the conundrum that plagues bands, their management, their agent, concert promoters and, ultimately, their fans; but also, more importantly, they seem to be acting on it. This aesthetically and sonically … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Heart-Ships “Heart Of A Wrestler (A Young Man’s Struggle For Strength)”]

  It’s Friday. We woke up at 7 in the morning. Had to have cereal. Headed in the general direction of the bus stop, etc. We didn’t see our friends cruising by in a convertible driven by 8 year olds, but rather we indulged in utilising our own personalised form of mechanised transport (a rather … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band “Black Egg”]

  Goddamn, you guys. That was some kinda party last night. Tipping up at the fashionably late time of, like, 8pm or somming like that, we got all kinds of thrills in bearing witness to Strangers layeth the proverbial smacketh downeth on the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and all that sailed in her. And judging … Continue reading

[Track Of The Day: Hot//Light//Fiesta “Sylvester Alone”]

  Whirlwindy-speedy-type blog post today chaps. You know what to do: duck, cover, dodge, lift, drop and stop everything and listen up right ‘ere because we gots to bust a move really soon all cha-cha-real-smooth style. We’ve got meetings and conference calls you see, lest we need to remind you about how fucking important we … Continue reading