[Track Of The Day: Worship “Leviathan”]


This blog post represents a first in quite a few ways for Killing Moon. For example, it is the first time we’ve actually written a Track Of The Day feature in advance of the track in question becoming available and with the intention of putting it live at a specific time the following day. It is the first time we’ve written a Track Of The Day about a band for whom we’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with previously. Yeah, you’ll remember these guys alright, not least of all because we seem to talk about them all the time, but mostly because, well, they’re fucking brilliant both as men and a band – we’re talking about Worship yo. About to embark on tour for the first time as a three-piece – specifically a 5-date tour supporting Nedry including a date at London’s Lexington on Wednesday 25th April (i.e. this Wednesday) – Jordan, Tim and Tom have offered up a new track to the internet world for free download, free listening, and free brilliant times. “So, where’s this goddamn album?”, we thunk you think. It’s coming. Believe us, it’s coming. We’ve heard it, and it’s…well, just wait a bit, and in the meantime, live with this bad boy. There’ll be a video following this soonish.


Worship – Leviathan

2 Responses to “[Track Of The Day: Worship “Leviathan”]”
  1. Luke says:

    amazing tune, dying to hear this album..

  2. desertkhaat says:

    beautiful. first came across worship via another brilliant band, the voyeurist (who’s remix of “House of Glass” is EVERYTHING a remix should be and usually isn’t -original, intense, and a complement to the original piece) and I absolutely love this band. am liking them more with each new listen and can’t wait for the album!

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