[Track Of The Day: Victoria “Crossfire”]


We’ve got a small confession to make to y’all. We’ve been getting stoked heavily this weekend. That’s right; we’ve been stoking out in public, stoking out in our parents’ back garden, stoking out in our fort of pillows that we’ve constructed in our room (which we’re now referring to as Fort Stoke, or Deep Stoke Nine if you’re into the whole sci-fi thing like us). We really can’t help it; there’s just an abundant amount of stokiness about our person over the last couple of days – our first batch of stoke arrived in form of some shit hot digital retail action with released-last-week Strangers; secondary stoke was attained in form of this new dude by the name of Draper who for some reason is letting us manage him (more news on that to come industry dudes); and our finally pick-up of some prime, grade-A, homegrown stoke occured somewhat unexpectedly whilst we were getting drunk (not stoked, mind) over at our buddies’ Strongroom Bar (they were having a beer fest, see) to discover Strangers had their song synced to the BBC’s coverage of the controversial Formula 1 race in Bahrain. Which is a bit like having Gaddafi coming up to you saying he likes your band, in a weird way (in relation to the event itself, mind, not the coverage for which we are of course very grateful). But hey, conflicts of moral standing aside, the stoked out vibes continue in form of this sexy slice of electro-rock action from London crew Victoria who have recently surfaced this video for Crossfire – to elaborate to bands wishing to make their mark in the online world, this clip is very much what we would refer to as “bloggable”. Featuring Killing Moon handsome devil Matty Kearn (how are you mate?), this is some explosive combination between the synth madness of Depeche Mode, the rock-chugginess of Nine Inch Nails, and the vocal delivery of either Brandon Flowers or the-bloke-who-sings-in-Interpol-whose-name-we-can’t-remember-and-don’t-want-to-google-at-this-time. Already picking up support from the likes of Breaking More Waves, we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for live dates around these guys, trust. In the meantime, get stoked on the vid below.


2 Responses to “[Track Of The Day: Victoria “Crossfire”]”
  1. Nona says:

    Victoria sound fucking cool!!

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