[Track Of The Day: YAWN “YumYum”]


It’s Monday. It’s a new week. And we’re stressed again! YAY! BOO! WAA! If you’re sick of hearing this shit over and over, we should, um, stress to you that our weekly condundrums that make us feel out of sorts on a now-regular basis do vary in many ways, but usually revolve around the common theme of not having nearly enough time or resources to do what we do. We’re a bit like how London Underground operates; when we’re operating a “good service”, the spectrum by which we’re measuring our daily performance is stretched to such an extent that the “good” bit actually takes up the vast majority thereby devoid of any reasonable objectivity, with “not-so-good” and “total fucking meltdown” occupies perhaps the latter 5% extremity. We’re seriously considering launching a new “Whine Of The Week” feature, if people are that interested; and right now, for the sake of keeping things brief and a bit more relevant to the actual music we’re here to talk about, our gripe for today is that our work emails packed in at some point on Friday evening, which we only discovered on Sunday. For a sad sons of bitches like us who work on weekends, that’s seriously not cool. Anyway, you’re probably bored of this – so there might not ever be a better time (until next Monday) to bring Chicago’s YAWN to your attention. It seems this prog-pop foursome from the Windy City have at some point gone so far out of their own minds that they in fact went into ours, extracting all the madness that layeth withineth and reproduced it in a rather storming format that has us hooked on this rapidly-descending-into-lethargic February afternoon. For real musical comparisons, we’re talking the best bits of Yeasayer, Animal Collective, Oberhofer and KM-homeboys Niteflights underpinning both music and lyrics. Slowly but surely permeating out of their hometown, not least aided by landing a supporting slot to Brighton beachbums The Kooks back in November/December of 2011, word is spreading fast for this lot following release of album Open Season that includes our current Track Of The Day last August – and as certain as we’re going to bellyache about something entirely different tomorrow, it shouldn’t be very long before they arrive on these shores to slay us all with their jagged tunes.


YAWN – YumYum




YAWN – Gasoline


YAWN – Indigo


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