[Track Of The Day: Ajimal “Footnote To Love (Part One)”]


We must have slept for a straight 12 hours. Not even the buzzing and the ringing of an iRate iPhone (geddit?) could interrupt our slumber – aided in part by the fact that we are indeed ill. Not the cool kinda ill, like Ill Fits ill, but the chest-infection type of ill that means we’re going to be bed-bound for most of this weekend. And that, ladies and gentledudes, is called the “ol’ switcheroo” in terms of us coming from the other extremity of having fuck all sleep in the last 7 days. Perchance these two things impact each other. Who knows. Still, it’s not all bad news. We’ve got the melancholic stylings of Frankie & The Heartstrings axeman Mick Ross and his new singing-songwriting buddy Fran O’Hanlon, who together present themselves as songwriting powerhouse Ajimal. We know they’re good as we’ve seen several of our mates talking about them on Facebook – however, we didn’t know they were this damn good until we opened our earholes to them approximately half an hour ago. Footnote To Love receives a release through Frankie-associated label Pop Sex Ltd on 19th March, and off-the-cuff will grab the attention of any real fans of the following: The Maccabees, Grouplove, early-style Jamie N CommonsThe Airbourne Toxic Event and/or Jeff Buckley, the title track in question displaying undertones of each – hell, even if you were a little bit moved by Enrique IglesiasHero, then you should be into this. Unless you’re dead inside. We’re so taken by this that we’re planning on breaking our self-imposed gig embargo and head down to see this stellar new act at the Bull & Gate on 20th February. Or Monday, in Killing Moon-speak. Get involved below.



Ajimal – Footnote To Love (Part One)


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